Saturday, January 30, 2010

It's a MAN'S world.... Or is it?!

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Forget what the West says about this being a "Man's world." Here in the middle east and with practicing Muslim's all over the world, it's clearly a "Woman's world". Fourteen hundred years ago, when the Message of Islam was brought to us, Allah (God) gave us Muslim women rights for so many things. When I talk to my friends, they can't believe some of the things they thought wasn't true about a woman's rights, is true. If any one knows me you will know that I would never be in a marriage/religion in which a woman would be treated badly. When I reverted to Islam, I was astonished by a lot of the rights women got. I always listened to the media and honestly, I stereo typed Islam. I thank God everyday that he lead me to this beautiful religion. Just like the quote I have, says
"I've learned from studying Islam and being Muslim,
that if your happiness is based on people approving
of everything you do, you're doomed to fail.
Islam helped me stand up and take responsibility
for everything to do with me."

Islam gave me rights!!!  
Let me name a few. 
  1.  The right and duty to obtain education.
  2. The right to have their own independent property.
  3. The right to work to earn money if they need it or want it.
  4. Equality of reward for equal deeds.
  5. The right to express their opinion and be heard.
  6. The right to provisions from the husband for all her needs and more.
  7. The right to negotiate marriage terms of her choice.
  8. The right to obtain divorce from her husband, even on the grounds that she simply can't stand him. (pls note that God deeply frowns upon divorce as a solution unless there is hardly any other alternative but it does not mean that men have more right to divorce their wives than women do.)
  9. The right to keep all her own money (she is not responsible to support the family financially).
  10. The right to accept or reject any suitor who proposes to her for marriage And more...

    Need I say more? LOL I just love how Islam gives us so many rights. We had more rights before rights to women were given in the West. Women started receiving their rights in Islam 1400 years ago when the message of Islam was brought forth. 

    Now, read this... 

    Women are given exemption from some duties, such as:

    - Fasting when they are pregnant or nursing or menstruating,
    - Praying when menstruating or bleeding after childbirth
    - The obligation to attend congregational prayers in the mosque on Fridays.
    - They are not obliged to take part as soldiers in the defense of Islam, although they are not forbidden to do so.
    But under normal circumstances they are allowed to do all the things that men do.
    - Even when they are menstruating, on special days, like the two eid festivals, they are still allowed to come to the eid prayers, and menstruating women can take part in most of the actions of the Hajj pilgrimage.  
Islamic law makes no demand that women should confine themselves to household duties. In fact the early Muslim women were found in all walks of life.    

The first wife of the Prophet, mother of all his surviving children, was a businesswoman who hired him as an employee, and proposed marriage to him through a third party; women traded in the marketplace, and the Khalifah Umar, not normally noted for his liberal attitude to women, appointed a woman, Shaff'a Bint Abdullah, to supervise the market. 

The Muslim woman has always had the right to own and manage her own property,

a right that women in the states has only attained in the last 100 years. Marriage in Islam does not mean that the man takes over the woman's property, nor does she automatically have the right to all his property if he dies intestate. Both are still regarded as individual people with responsibilities to other members of their family - parents, brothers, sisters etc. and inheritance rights illustrate this.

The husband has the duty to support and support the wife's financial needs, as stated in the Qur'an, and this is held to be so even if she is rich in her own right

He has no right to expect her to support herself, let alone support his children or him. If she does contribute to the household income this is regarded as a charitable deed on her part.

Women are thus well provided for: their husbands support them, and they inherit from all their relations. They are allowed to engage in business or work at home or outside the house, so long as the family does not suffer, and the money they make is their own, with no calls on it from other people until their death.
Husbands are expected to treat their wives kindly during marriage and even during and after divorce. 

... Live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them, it may be that ye dislike a thing, and Allah brings about through it a great deal of good.
Qur'an 4:19

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) said:
The most perfect believers are the best in conduct and the best of you are those who are best to their wives.
(Hadith: Ibn Hanbal)

Ordinary Muslim women too are urged to lower their gaze and wrap themselves closely in their outer garments, letting their head-coverings fall over their neck opening, so that they may be recognized as respectable women and not bothered. The Prophet's wives are also reported to have covered their faces with their cloaks when they were among strange men. 

Those who regard veiling as a form of exploitation should ask themselves which is more exploitative of women, the mini skirt or the veil?

So, to conclude, these are the ideals to which Muslim women can aspire and frequently have done in the past. In a true Islamic society, they are guaranteed
- personal respect,
- respectable married status,
- legitimacy and maintenance for their children,
- the right to negotiate marriage terms of their choice,
- to refuse any marriage that does not please them,
- custody of their children after divorce,
- independent property of their own,
- the right and duty to obtain education,
- the right to work if they need or want it,
- equality of reward for equal deeds,
- the right to participate fully in public life and have their voices heard by those in power,
and much more besides.

[Final whisper: Om Abdulah - I missed our one million calls a day and can't wait to see you]


Amina said...

Asalamu aiakum!

Wow. Wow. Wow. I couldn't have said it better if I tried! MashaAllah, an excellent post. So true, SubhanAllah. If we could only spread this around, inshaAllah <3 Please put it on the MSU facebook page, so we can all share it, inshaAllah. <3

OmAbdullah said...

MashaAllah! Great post. I just want to copy & paste it to everyone i know LOL In this one little post, you cleared up many things people either misunderstand or don't know.

Can't wait to see you and ambs and azoozie tomorrow inshaAllah! wOO woo !

UmmRania said...

Salamu Alaikum

Great post! You know a right that you missed which I think is just so amazing is the sexual rights we have. The only reason is because I dont know any other religion where it was made clear that woman have desires as well and she has a right over her husband to be fulfilled--I know out of so many rights it sounds strange that I choose THAT but I just think its amazing how far ahead of the time Islam is and was!


UmmKhaled said...

Ohhh I love it! I read some but am in a little rush so I am comin' back to read word for word! Great post!

Texan in UAE said...

Amina, I have done what you said, thanks sis.

Om A - forward this up a storm!

Twizzle - I guess I'm taking it from our Perspective. Thank God we have good hubby's and in laws. I've seen the ugly side of the actions of "non-Islamic" actions. It's disgusting. I guess we're in the spot light, when it comes to Islam. I just wanted to let the Non-muslims/my family members, know, Islam isn't bad, like they have portrayed it in the west. My hubby has a saying, it goes like this... The best company you can keep, is a book - so, pick up a book, the old forgotten habit. Read about Islam and educate yourselves. We know about Christianity - Catholicism - Judaism - Buddhism - Sikhism - and a lot more.. been there, done that. What they don't understand, many of us who reverted to Islam, studied many, many other religions. We aren't ignorant. <3 Thank you God...

Texan in UAE said...

Kasey, can't wait to hear what you have to say. Miss you. (((hugs)))

Um Raina - I was gonna put that in, I guess I got side tracked. Your right. The women have sexual rights, which no other religion (that i've read) has. Islam is so very amazing. Glory be to God!

I love hearing your comments sisters. Bring them on. <3

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

ooooohhh sorry girl, I deleted my post as I thought I shouldn't get all negative here...

Mashallah for the Muslims who practice as they should!!

Alhamdulillah for all of us who have good husbands and in-laws who do not deny our rights!!

and sis UmmRania, yes, you are right, Islam makes clear that women have sexual desires and have a right to be fulfilled sexually!!

Miss MishMish said...

MashaAllah, you wrote it so well ♥

The media only portrays the warped misinterpretations of Islam.

Alhamdulilah I am a Muslim.

saimah said...

MashaAllah, well said, its amazing how the west has huge misconceptions about the rights of muslim women, and I love it when wonderful women like you take the time to educate! Alhumdullila that we have all these rights, and so much more as muslim women.

BloodyCherry said...

Its great that you can see past the negativity, it took me a while to get there and truly understand things :)
Glad you joined us

Zaiynab said...

mashaAllah, I love this post!! =D yay Islam!

Because life is beautiful.


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