Sunday, February 21, 2010

beauty tips 1,2,3

 mood: relaxed
craving: swimming in a river of vanilla and white chocolate. LOL

After spending a great day with my daughter and son and meeting one of my best friends, at our favorite place to sit back and chat a bit, I had to come and make this awesome entry to get every sister out there excited. I need to unwind,and what better way to unwind than to talk about beauty, make-up and style? Are y'all ready for Um Azooz's beauty tips? Well, I should say, SEPHORA'S beauty tips and some of mine. I have this really great book and I wanna share some wonderful, easy beauty tips with you lovely sisters. I hope everyone out there is having a great day, or evening.

Here it goes...

What is beauty?

We live in a world full of beauty. Sometimes it stares you directly in the face; other times, it's a little harder to find. But one thing is clear: Beauty means something different to everyone.

    "Beauty is about being passionate in whatever you do - family,life,work. Passion makes people beautiful."

 Beauty tips:

To avoid dark circles and under-eye bags, try sleeping with extra pillows. Gravity helps fight the accumulation of fluid under the eyes.

Red lipstick: Oh how I love thee. Red lips should be the only feature on your face making a statement. Leave everything else light and simple. "It's very chic to pair a red lip with a well-groomed eyebrow, black mascara, and chocolate brown eyeliner,"

Always apply a red stain to the lips before red lipstick. When the color from the lipstick begins to fade, you'll still have a red flush on the lips.

There are so many different red lipsticks out there. I personally, love the blue red. Makeup for ever has a great one. Mufe lipstick in Blue Red 205. Teeth also look a couple shades whiter against this color.

"Always apply your make-up standing up! When you're standing, as opposed to sitting at a makeup mirror hunched over a glass of water, you'll be more serious and you'll apply like a pro."

Quick fixes:

"If you have a bad breakout, don't wear red lipstick, because you'll be repeating and bringing out the color of the blemishes. Wear a soft brown or neutral color instead."

FYI "The reason women always open their mouths when applying mascara is because when your jaw drops, your eyes open."


    * Toilet paper instead of blotting paper
    * A knife instead of a mirror to check your lipstick
    * Nail polish to prevent a run from spreading in your stockings
    * Toothbrush as an eyebrow groomer
    * Hair conditioner as shaving cream
    * Matchbook cover as a nail file
    * Brow tint to cover gray hairs or as a root touch-up in between a visit to the colorist
    * Pressed or loose powder on roots of hair to absorb grease
    * Hand lotion to fight the frizzies
    * Cold tea bags to depuff eyes
    * Olive oil on patches of ultra dry skin

Words of Wisdom:

"The best quick fix in the world is a new tube of lipstick. Unlike fashion, you don't have to worry about it fitting you. A new color of lipstick will instantaneously change your look and lift your spirits."

"Cleaning your face before you go to sleep is so important because not only are you removing makeup, but you're also washing off any harmful pollutants that may have landed on your skin throughout the day."

 My two favorite lipsticks... for now..

I'm having such a good time blogging. Y'all should be scared. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL 

For more beauty tips. go here. Little Pink Strawberries

Last but not least

"True beauty is radiant health. Aim for perfect health, and practice balance and moderation in everything you do. Follow the anti-inflammatory lifestyle and you can achieve optimal health and beauty. The interaction and synergy between diet and lifestyle, and our health, well-being, and longevity, holds the key to how well or how poorly we age."

final whisper:  getting ready for Wednesday... Weddings wedding wedding... galore... 


Sara said...

Wow, great post! Haha I love your "craving". I loved the double agent quick fixes-very helpful :)

OmAbdullah said...

cuuuuue post! love it :D

Hey you should have wrote the names of those two fav lipsticks! I bet people will want to know ! do share please.

Had a blast today! thanks for the link :*

Twizzle said...

great post Mashallah!

ohhh when it comes to red lipstick, as long as you have the right shade it is beautiful on women but the most stunning are those with pale skin, blue eyes, and dark dark hair. I dunno why but I have always been fascinated with how that combo of features and red lipstick is so incredibly stunning Mashallah.

Forever Learning said...

Great post :)
I'm the sort of person who really needs to use the cold teabags tip!
Have fun at the wedding.

Ashi said...

awww this is a such a cool post, i think i need to try a few of these tips!

p.s the drinks in that picture are making me crave a hot chocolate with cream and flake on top...mmmm

Mone said...

first time here =D

love ur blog ;)

wish u all the best, btw i love ur craving lol

Mujahada said...

I love red lips! Over the last couple of years that has been the color I choose when I'm trying to be "high fashion". It really just stands out!! LOL at the thing about opening your mouth when putting on mascara. I look so dumb when I put mascara on! Oh I forgot about using nail polish to stop stockings from running more. Great tips!! There were many that I have heard of before but had forgotten! i love this!

Texan in UAE said...

Salam Sara sweetie. LOL I wish that craving was possible. maybe if I was a millionaire would would be. What some people do with food. :| LOL

LOL Om A - we'll do. Insha'a'Allah.

Twizzle - ITA! amazing! But, I think anyone looks GREAT in RED lipstick! it's the way you carry yourself. :D

Thanks, Forever Learning I love weddings. <3 Unfortunately I'm also the type that needs the cold teabags. They're great.

Ashi - Thanks for stopping by. <3

Mone - Thanks sweetie. come back...

Texan in UAE said...

Muja, baby girl. You look great in anything! I'm sure you Rock that red lipstick!!!! *hugs*

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Make up! *drools* hahah

Red is my favourite lipstick colour. Esp Ruby Woo by MAC. It's gorrrgeous! But I don't wear red everyday. I prefer nude or pinks for everyday wear =)

Ooh I love weddings. Have fun sis!

Safyiah said...

salamo aleikom wr wb

well, as i don't like make-up much, something just got my attention: vanillah.

you know, i was disappointed when i found out that vanilla is extracted with alcohol =(

it was one of my favourite flavors. although i still have vanillah powder that is not extracted with alcohol, only vanilla extract. check about your chocolates before you eat! vanillin is ok, whether it's extract or not, because it's synthetic. And finally, Allah knows best. i just prefer to stay away not to fall in doubts and go crazy xD


Esell said...

WOW thanks for sharing these tips, i learned a lot :D
loving your bloggggggggggggggg :D

annfrendly said...

very useful tips here..
it's practical and easy to follow..
thanks for sharing :)

Maryam said...

I need to find a good shade of red lipstick for dark skin.

Good tips. I've always wonder why the mouth opens with your applying mascara.

UmmKhaled said...

Thanks for the tips texie...ohhh I wanna go to a weddinggggg...I wanna gooooo....I love you love Lancome moisturizer? I got some yesterday with soem new lipstick.gloss...I have been into pinky pinks for a while now and I also love plums...

Because life is beautiful.


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