Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday's Ramblings

mood: stuffed from lunch
craving: a nice walk on the Corniche

As Salam Alikom (Peace be with you) my dear readers and hola to all my non-Muslim readers. 
I just wanna thank all you followers out there, who have left replies and do enjoy reading about my journey to become a better Muslim, mother and wife. I pray on this blessed day, Jummah, that everything y'all pray for, you get, and that Allah gives y'all good in this life and the hear after. ameen 
Today we had to stay home, due to my kids having bad colds. Abu A  attended Jummah at the masjid and then he went off to in laws. I hate missing our gatherings.  Every Friday we gather at my in laws to enjoy our lunch and company.  Unfortunately today we can't. May Allah cure my kids and all the people out there who are sick ameen .. God's willing I'm not next to get this cough and cold.

I made nice lunch today; Sesame-Orange Shrimp which my kids and I ate . My best friend,  who is so very kind, bought us some organic buckwheat noodles. (Thanks Twizzle)  that went perfect with today's lunch.
Click on pics to see them clearer.


Now that I'm happily satisfied I wonder what Abu A will be having. After I prayed, I looked outside my bedroom window and saw this little boy admiring his little plants he planted. I just had to smile. He was about ten years old. It made my day brighter. :)

Oh, as I promised in another entry, I would show you this beautiful clock I bought. It's not hung up, yet, but insha'a'Allah (God's willing) this weekend, Abu A will hang it.  I know Abu A could of gotten a way better deal on this. When it comes to me buying from a brother, I will not bargain. Khalas. I just don't see any reason I should be asking him to bring the price down.  I'm shy to ask and it leads to talking. Alhamdulilah (thank you God) Abu A would have it no other way.

Hmmmm what else... my kids and I decided to go to a all woman's park  yesterday. Since Abu A was going to another wedding and I wasn't obligated to go this time, I wanted to take them out and get some fresh air. So, we go there and what do we see? We see a lot of police there and they have this boyat (for those of you who don't know what a boyat is: it's a woman who  dresses like a man and even cuts her hair like a guys and acts like one) on the side. There was women around and I guess they called the cops. They dealt with the boyats . I was honestly concerned. Aren't you supposed to feel safe, not violated? I felt just like that last night. We walked in the park and everywhere we looked, boyats with their girlfriends. Not a nice sight and I kept my shayla on, I didn't take it off. Such a shame. In fact what do parents say to this? What would you do?


Other than the boyats episode, we had a pretty good time. Alhamdulilah. (Thank you God)

Let's jump on to something else......


I've had this all sisters Islamic forum going on six years masha'a'Allah. I can honestly write a book about this site. Who knows, maybe I will. All I can say, and others can testify, is that this site has brought so many wonderful, loving sisters together. It's not just a forum, it's a community of real women who are striving to be better Muslimahs, mothers and wives. Masha'a'Allah wa Alhamdulilah. I would love to get to know you sisters who reply on my blog. Go and join. And for all you anonymous sisters out there reading and not replying, please join.

We have non-Muslim women on there, too. We try our best to explain what Islam is. There is no compulsion in our beautiful religion. Alhamdulilah (thank you God) it's somewhere you can come and be yourself without having to act like someone else. We give more love and support here than I've ever seen. What are y'all waiting for? Come and join us. Maybe someday we'll get to meet. 

Last but not least. I wanna leave y'all with this....

final whisper: 



Wafa' said...

I wish your kids a quick recovery inshallah and i pray that you won't get nothing :)
i love your post so much. spically, the final whisper . Thanx for sharing :)

Aalia said...

Asalaamu 3alaikum, Texan

This was a beautiful post (not about the Boyaat) and so cute to hear about that little guy and his garden. Awwww!! The Final Whisper made me stop & think... Because subhan Allah it goes with what my life is kinda like... There are *some* things going on but it shudnt affect my personal happiness, right?? Khayr inshaa'Allah!!

OH and about MSU: It's the best Islamic Ladies' Forum on the Net, y'all :-D I've been a member for over a year mashaa'Allah <3

Bliss said...

Wow you're actually using the word "boyat"! interesting!
Those kind of girls disgust me!! their parents need to smack the hell out of them!

And your lunch looks delicious mashallah :D:D

PS. i loved your final whisper :)

that's me said...

"Boyat"uhm...strange word hehe, but then what is the case to have a woman's park in ksa if this is suppouse to be safe for women and their kids I mean you are in a muslim contry then if you go there with your kids and you find this.....I mean How???? .......
something good in Muslims contries is that they keep the "moral"( I don't remember a better word right now) I mean you don't find gays at least in public catching their hands or doing something wrong or this boyat....or it should be like this......this is haram and sure nobody want this example for their kids right.....then why the police or who is watching the door of the park(does it has a door?)permit the entrance of this peopple ...once again a muslim contry?....but I'm also with the idea that we Must to explain or kids what this people are and make them see their mistake in life, in this way is not just the goverment or police who should protect or family but us as moms to give them good examples and I think "Open conversations" to explain any doubt and guide them Inshallah in the right path...In my oppinion of course.
and Inshallah your kids will be good soon!....

that's me said...

in other things......If you are interested in creat a beautifull gelatins that can be made with the company or your kids or friends...I will make a course of gelatins(you can see the pics on my blog) this are great as parties decoration and 100% edible, also I will tell you where to buy 100% halal ingredients....the cost will be 50dlls (american) and if you invite more people for each one that pays the subscription you will recive 10% of descount.......then, if you invite 5... yours will be compleatly free! for more information email me at
I hope you join it.
this could be used as a job oportunity for those moms who want to make money at home or just for fun and to make yours amaizing gifts.

that's me said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
[[[ x Smiley x ]]] said...

Aww, hope kids get well soon sis and that they dont go on to share the cold, even though sharing is caring :P
Lovely post as always! I like the clock. What's that vase thing next to it?
Love the final whisper, how true :)

Jennifer said...

salaams sis,

masha'allah you have a great blog here! i hope to read here more often!

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

the clock is gorgeous Mashallah and I can't wait to see it once you hang it inshallah!

I do just want to clarify one thing though, in case someone reading your post gets confused. if a woman chooses not to talk to a seller because he is a man, out of shyness, or because her husband would rather she not, so she is doing so to respect her husband's wishes, that is fine--

but it is not haram to speak to a man when making a purchase from him, so long as you are not making your voice soft and sensual for him.

here is a fatwa on that matter:

That is a HUGE shame that the woman's park where you should be able to go and feel comfortable is now a place that boyats hang out in... and yes, you are supposed to feel safe there!! its one of the few places for women only where you should be able to uncover your face and hair and feel more free than usual. and now if boyats are there you have to worry they will be looking at the women just like guys look at women!

I have still yet to see a boyat myself... but like we spoke a while back about it, I probably haven't noticed because usually when I walk around, if I see kandoras I don't look directly at the guys--unless they are doing something ridiculous like a group squeezing in on one side of a cafe table so they can all stare at women!! LOL

I am curious though... do boyats get in trouble with police like gay men do if they are caught? I wonder what the police told the boyat that day?

Yes yes to all those who haven't joined--do join Texan in UAE's forum!! its a wonderful place Mashallah! It is the cutest forum, all girly (I don't know if you will find another forum with so many smilies!!) and the Admin and Moderator team work very hard to try to make it a place where all the women will feel comfortable Mashallah Alhamdulillah!

Clever Foxy said...

Boyats are result of bad attempt to be different. And the reason why they stay together is a common psychological need of belonging. This is how different kinds of associations, organisations and even sects get their followers. I don't say they are all bad, some of them have really noble purposes, but many of them are extremely dangerous and they know what they are doing, they are aware of this psychological need of a human being. Young people who are not very comfortable at their homes are most susceptible, but I also saw many grown up people fanatically following some organisation. Some of them manage to convince them to suicide even while it is clearly forbidden in Islam. I urge all of you to be careful, most of us have some friend who is trying to drag us into something like this. Don't lose your ability to see the things for what they are. Do not let them use our Religion for their purposes, many of them strive for power and fame, some for money, and some for much more than that. DON'T GET FOOLED.

May Allah cure your children, sister.

Sweet_November said...

the food Looks yammy
and the blog as well :)
thank you for ur comment :)

MaMa MishMish said...

InshaAllah your kiddos are feeling better. I loved the pictures of your lunch looks so yummy! :)

Boyyats...hmmm don't know what to say about that. Too bad about not feeling so comfortable in the park.

And oooohhhh I see you have ligeemat there. Nice! I bet it was delicious. I love it ♥ LOL

I live by the quote at the end of your post. Love it ♥ MashaAllah.

annfrendly said...

i'm praying for your children to get well soon..
nice noodles.. it's looked delicious.

i like your new clock..
very classic :)

here we called it "penkid" it sound like "pancake".

Mujahada said...


Texan in UAE said...

Thanks sisters, for all your replies. (((hugs))) not feeling to well these days. Caught a cold from my kids. :( Thanks for the nice prayers... Twizzle thanks for clearing that up. :D

Texan in UAE said...

Jennifer, welcome to my blog! :)

Texan in UAE said...

[[[ x Smiley x ]]] sis, this is what the stuff in the vase is...


dust n roses said...

hope u are feeling better...i have a you have a recipe for the orange shrimp???? i love orange chicken and it's totally impossible to find in Afghanistan (although they are some Chinese restaurants here) and if it not too difficult, really, i would loooooove to be able to make it for myself.

Texan in UAE said...

welcome, dust n roses. :))) Yes, I have the recipe. I should of put it in the entry. It's delicious.. I did a few things different. I didn't have the orange juice, so I just added water. :)) it came out really nice, but with that orange juice, it would of come out a lot better. Sweeter.

don't be a stranger!!! please come again.. And, you should join our nice all sisters forum. There's a kitchen there! that would knock your socks off. LOL let me know how it comes out!!!

Because life is beautiful.


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