Wednesday, February 10, 2010



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I talked to my sis. What she told me was so typical. I get sick of hearing it, but I have to admit, it makes me laugh. She told me that her friends gasp when she says, "My little sister is Muslim now and married to an Arab,  Muslim man"  They say ,"OMG! Really!" (amongst other things that they say) She sets them straight by saying, "HONEY, she gets treated better than we will ever be treated in our life!"

I invite all my family and friends to come to UAE and see how I live. Let me skip to something else, before I come back to the "gasping" part.

I got rid of my FB account. Why? Well, it was simply such a big waste of time for me. I emailed my closest friends and let them know that I was leaving FB. Please keep in touch via email. A couple of them asked me, "Are you okay?". Well, it so happens that they are worried about me living here in UAE and wondered if it's my hubby's doing that I got rid of FB. LOL I guess like my sister's friends, some think just because I'm married to an Arab, he tells me what I can and can't do? Let me clear something up.

Just because I married an Arab doesn't mean that he beats me or yells at me or tells me what to do. In fact, he has never raised his voice at me. Thank you God, for giving me such a patient man. He's a practicing, God fearing Muslim brother and tries his best to go by the Quran (our Holy Book) and Sunnah (the sayings of our Prophet Muhammad).

Our beloved prophet said "The best of you are those who are best to their wives" 

The most perfect believers are the best in conduct and best of you are those who are best to their wives. (Ibn-Hanbal, No. 7396)

Now, I think I cleared that up. I hope whoever reads this, it opened your mind. Open up our holy Quran and read. Ask questions or even come join my all women forum. We don't bite, I promise.  To the friends of my sister, don't feel sorry for me, please. You would be surprised to know that my life is better than you can ever imagine. I'm not oppressed. LOL 

final whisper: I finally did it, i'm so relieved.


Umm Riyam said...

ma sha' Allah, very nice post!

UmmRania said...

MashaAllah I am going to link you from my blog! Beautiful post!

Oh, and have I told you I love you lately?

Princess said...

Salam sis. i'm new to your blog n i really like it. Masha'Allah this is such a great post, keep up the good work. stereotypes are unIslamic and inhumane. thanx for doing your part and Masha'Allah w Alhamdullilah, it sounds like you have a great hubby. <3 <3

Sonia said...

MashAllah looooving the post darling!
May Allah preserve the love between you and your husband and family!

OmAbdullah said...

Perfect post! mashaAllah

Extremely well said ;) I should email this to some of my old friends haha

May Allah bless you and your family always. Ameen!

love u loadsies <-- hahah

Texan in UAE said...

Ameen to the duas..

Princess, welcome to my blog. Masha'a'Allah. I hope to be seeing you around.

saimah said...

MashaAllah what a great post! I think most muslim men are good to their wives, but it will always be portrayed the other way around. Only the handful of jerks that are bad husbands are given attention and the good men/husbands in Islam get the bad name too, very sad.

Bliss said...

They gasp? lol i'm so sorry but it's so funny when people react towards these kind of things!

Seriously, the world needs to start reading about our religion, they need to educate themselves!!

Because life is beautiful.


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