Thursday, February 25, 2010

My mind is made up...

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As Salam Alikom (Peace be with you) my dear readers and hola to all my non-Muslim readers.
Go here, so this post doesn't confuse you. After you read that entry, come back and read this one.

Anywho, it's a crying shame that after a scary incident I had to say,"Heck no, I'm never getting a maid."  One month ago I had a maid come for the day to clean. She was going about her business, cleaning and so forth. I seen my son run into our kitchen, I told him to get out and got up and what I saw when walking in the kitchen made my heart drop. Frantically hanging up with my best friend, the maid left the Clorox top off and left it on the floor. My son got a hold of it and poured most of it out, on his little bitty body. I grabbed him instantly and rushed him to the bathroom to tear his clothes off and wash his body. My husband was getting ready to take him to the ER. Thank God he didn't swallow any. I don't think he would, because we would of seen it and smelled it in his mouth. Better to be safe than sorry. Well, from then on I decided, I don't want a maid.

I grew up with my mom doing everything. And, of course, when us girls got old enough, we did help her, too. When I was older my mom did have someone come and help her around our home. Her name was Mirta. She was from Mexico and I'll never forget her golden smile. I honestly think she was more of a companion to my mom. Even if Gloria (mom's best friend) would always come over.

After living here for almost three years, I think it's pretty obvious that I wouldn't get a maid. I don't like the thought of another woman living inside our home or even someone that you know nothing about, living here. Even if she would have a separate place to sleep.

Here in the UAE or shall I say, Middle east, this is very, very normal. Everyone in my family and my friends have maids. I've heard and seen too many horror stories. So, it's not likely that I would be getting one anytime soon.  Thanks, but, no thanks. I'll clean my own home, cook my own meals for my family and not have to worry about someone else. In fact, I like cleaning.

That said, I wish she never did it. I came so close to having Abu A (my hubby) getting the paper work together for a maid. :) Oh well. This is the will of God! and Alhamdulilah (Thank you God) 

Who wouldn't want someone do the dishes after every meal? Have the cabinets in the kitchen organized all the time, clean the floors everyday and vacuum. Clean the bathrooms and wipe the walls. Clean the outside windows and more. Who wouldn't want this? Then again, I start thinking. Why do I stay home? What would I do?

But, a little bitty part of me does cry out, every once in a while. I want a maid. But, a bigger part of me says, No way. I'll listen to the bigger part, for now.

In no way am I pointing fingers at people who do have maids. To each is own, but not this sister. 

I'll clean our own mess and take care of my own family, just fine.

final whisper: Why did you have to go and leave that Clorox lid off the bottle. Grrr


Clever Foxy said...

Your story is scary, but Sponge Bob is really cute! Glad your son is ok.

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

I knew immediately after the Clorox incident that you were going to completely nix the full-time maid idea. that was quite a scare!

A live-in maid for you is kind of unnecessary where you live right now if you still want *some* help every now and then, a part-time maid is perfect for you... to do things like ironing or once in a while big cleaning jobs or even help clean dishes when you have the bigger get-togethers. :)

You know my situation and exactly why I will always require having maids in this living arrangement. If I was in your situation I would totally just do the part-time maid thing. :)

Aalia said...

... You know my feelings LOL

San Antonio Cicily said...

Yes you are lucky that he did not drink the bleach! Yikes! As for you daughter we all make mistakes, parents are not perfect and make mistakes too. I know I have made my share and beat myself up for them! How long have you and your husband been married? You guys sound like a wonderful family. Te deseo un hermoso dia!

that's me said...

hello girl!
I'm with you...maaaaaybeeee once in a wild a part-time maid is ok but just maybe...and alhamdulillah your bb did't drank the clorox.

OmAbdullah said...

Thank God he didn't drink any! Or get it in his eyes! I know this was a big scare for you :(
You know I feel the same about maids. I have a couple ladies who come clean for me a couple times a week. That's works great with me. I don't think I could handle having a maid living in my home. Nope. Just not for me. And ditto twizzle about ur situation. Your able to get help now and then so it works out nicely :)

Nurul said...

Alhamdulillah that ur son didn;t drink the clorox. Scary, though. Eeee...

And I also think that it's much better for a woman to manage her own house. Allah will reward things done with ikhlas :), InshaAllah.

I admire my mom so much since I was small. She does everything in the house (and she works full time as well). Amazing. Your son will look at u like that too and tell his friends something like this when he grows up one day
("my mom cooks real mean lasagna, and she does it with just one hand, while the other hand is typing a report for her boss"). Hehe.

Sara said...

Ahh that is really scary :(. Alhamdulillah I'm really glad he's ok though! I know where your coming from about the maid thing. My cousin who lives over there had the same dilemma!

Texan in UAE said...

@ Clever foxy - Thanks sis. :)))

@ Twizzle - Yes, your situation is very different than mine. :) alhamduliah.

@ Aalia - Uh huh! sure do!

@ cicily - Gracias, manita. y tu tambien, mija.

@ that's me - hey girlie! yes, that sounds like a great idea! i think once a month would do. I would get someone from outside to come and clean (the big clean up) windows outside. But, we already have someone come clean the outside area.. i should ask about that. I would love my outside windows done! once a month! sounds good. :))))

@ Om Abdullah - Yes, yours works out really great!!!! :)) alhamdulilah

@ Nurul - welcome to my blog, sis. Masha'a'Allah on your mom!!! ameen to your dua... Now i want some lasagna. :| LOL your mom sounds like a great person! Allah bless her. :)))

@ Sara - Where did your cousin live? It doesn't happen to all. But, I've heard, to many.

The Splendid Sky said...

thats scary!
I know, full-time maids have other disadvantages as well.. I'd also feel pretty uncomfy with someone living in my house all the time...No privacy!
But mostly i think full time maids aren't even that necessary...unless it's like a huge huge family and a huge huge house..but then too it's pretty cruel to make one little person do all the huge house chores!

You know even in India, maids are all too a routine thing..very normal! Mostly here we have part-time maids and it works well! But you've gotta be real careful when u leave them with the tiny tots! Soemtimes it's a big no no!

Texan in UAE said...

@ The Splendid Sky- ITA with you with this (But mostly i think full time maids aren't even that necessary...unless it's like a huge huge family and a huge huge house.)*nods head*

And I wouldn't want no one touching my kids.. Taking care of them. ;)

Long time no see! how are you?

eyes serene said...

Assalamu alaikom,
Every once in a blue moon I think idly, oh, I wish I had a maid today. LOL But I wouldn't want one, either.

Did you ask that lady why she left the bleach on the floor like that? What was her reaction to the accident? It is scary when the kids are young and they get into stuff. One of mine was real curious and even though I had everything locked up, managed to get into stuff anyway, including Tylenol once. (So not only was it behind a locked cupboard door, but it also had a "childproof" lid! Where there's a will, there's a way, right?!)

Alice said...

Assalam alaikum.

I'm sorry about this accident! Alhamdulillah nothing too bad happened to your son! Alhamdulillah!

I'm in a similar situation- I don't have a maid. Dh strongly opposes the idea of a strange woman living in the house. I agree with him but sometimes I complain that I have to clean while others have maids. I'm happy for her and a little bit jealous :)

I have a friend- when her husband brought a homeworker- she was very much against living with a strange person all the time. She was not used to it, she quarrelled a lot with her husband because of it. But after some time, they changed a maid, my friend learned to get along with her and she likes having a maid now.

Rachel said...

OH my! How scary! I'm so glad your little one is okay. With three children, I have had my fair share of scares and calls to the poison control center. I am so, so careful about leaving cleaners and things like that out..and when my husband uses toxic substances I hover over him like a vulture because he is forgetful and tends to leave things out! But kids can really be so fast.

Recently, I was cleaning my kitchen and my two year old came in when I had my back turned and sprayed himself right in the face with the cleaner! It's always an adventure when you have to stick your kid's head over the sink and spray their eyes out while they're kicking, screaming, and crying.

I really wish that I could have a maid...we also had one when I was a kid. But then again when I really think about it, the only reason I actually would not feel comfortable having one is because I can't stand the feeling of having somebody in my house doing something productive while I'm just sitting around doing whatever. For example, when the maintenance man comes over...or the cable guy. I always feel uncomfortable, like I should be helping them or something. And if you're helping a maid then well, there's really not much of a point in hiring a maid since the purpose is to have them do the work FOR you.

I would consider hiring somebody to come over and do my laundry for me though...I absolutely abhor laundry so I wouldn't feel too bad about not helping out there.

Texan in UAE said...

@ eyes serene, welcome to my blog.. nice to see you here. :))) Well, my husband was to busy yelling at her and she was crying. I was to busy with my son. I think if I was in my right mind, I would of punched her out. But, yes it's better not having a maid. :)

@ Alice, I know how you feel sis. There's times were I want want want one.. Then I have to step back and say, noooo what would I do?

@ Rachel, welcome to my blog. :))) I'm sure that freaked you out when your little one did that. Kids!!!! Yes, that's the way I feel. I can't have someone in my house, I would feel like I'm just really lazy and not doing anything. I feel good after I clean and cook! it's a great feeling. I like it. I don't mind the laundry, I hate the ironing. NO ma'am! I have someone come do that. But, their in a different part of the house, so we get privacy. :))))

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