Monday, February 22, 2010

Y'all didn't warn me......

 mood: confident
craving: a nice vacation to the middle of no where

As Salam Alikom (Peace be with you) my dear sisters and hola to all my non-Muslim readers.
I got sucked into the blog-sphere and I'm loving it. At first I didn't wanna make it public, then I just thought, "Hey, it's just like a diary, but anyone can see it." Didn't really make to much sense to me. But, then again, "How many things in this life make sense." To top it off, I never ever thought anyone would be so interested to read what I have to say. Ever. You wouldn't think that the blogging world could become so darn addicting. I have news for you out there who are thinking of starting a blog, it's addicting, with a capital "A".  Been blogging for almost over two months.  I'm totally addicted. I caught myself using my BB to search other blogs and I had to put a stop to that, asap. If I kept that up, my family would def think I'm a nut. It's a kinda therapy for me. I even got my daughter to start blogging. Stay away guys, I'm watching you.

I talked two of my very best freinds DIA to DXBPurple Paisley Pondering to start up with blogging. We are having a blast. LOL Early this morning Purple Paisley called me, she asked, "Whatcha doing?" We both busted out laughing. She's like, this is ridiculous! We both had one million windows open and just reading and reading different blogs. Wow wee - no one told me that you get wisked away into blog land. This is far  better than Face Book (which I don't frequent anymore: waste of time.)

If I do say myself, there are some very interesting blogs out there.  Twizzle called me  last night, we were talking about different blogs. Some just amaze us, while others, you don't know what to think. :|  We all ask each other if we'll continue on this blog high. I don't know. But, for now it feels pretty darn good. I'll take it day by day. See how it goes.

I had a good idea. Since my father isn't computer savvy, he just  doesn't wanna take the time to learn, I'm gonna just scan my blog, every month. I'll send it to him so he can read it. He loves reading and he would just love it.

So, to all you blogger's out there. Keep up the nice comments which me and my best friends, love and adore, and the nice entries. I just love reading them. I hope y'all enjoy my entries. I have truly seen another side of myself and  the net, and I like it.

signing off from UAE... Until my next entry. God bless and take care.

final whisper: we should be learning Arabic - y'all know who y'all are.


annfrendly said...

very nice blog :)
Thank you for following me.

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum!

Yesss blogging is addicting with a huge "A"!
I woke up in the morning with intentions not to approach my lapotp today- obviously I failed lol

In the past I was finding myself with dozens of windows open on my desktop reading blogs of others- so many interesting lives, so many smart people, so many points of view! It was taking lots of my time- it was the main reason I even thought of deleting my blog.

I believe blogging is not only about having fun but about making a difference! With the means of our blogs we can reach a very vast audience and slowly work together towards a change for the better. If it is an addiction then it's a useful one :D

As for Gulf Arabic- I have a post in progress saved in drafts titled "It's time to learn Arabic" :)

I'm happy to see you've got " Teach yourself Gulf Arabic". Where did you buy it? In which shop plz? Or did you order it through the Internet? I love the book- I have it. but I want to buy a CD!! I've been thinking about checking some major book stores in Dubai in order to find this book with CD.

Bliss said...

Yeah, blogging is so addictive! I used to be more active before, but then i got used to it cause i've been blogging for 5 years now (including my old blogs) but still it's really nice to tall about whatever is on your mind even if you're just blabbering!!

And oh, i'm so loving your blog!! <3

OmAbdullah said...

Oh it sure is addicting. I love it though, you know that already. Will I keep it up? For a while inshaAllah, Allahu Alam !

Keep up the awesome blogging :*

Susie of Arabia said...

Love your pink blog design - it's so cute. Blogging is definitely addicting. I got into FB after resisting for a long time and way after I started blogging and now I love it too! I'm a hopeless addict!!!
FYI - I grew up in a small Arizona border town right on the Mexican border - our house was on 8th Street, just 8 blocks from Mexico! So I think we must be at least cousins!!!

Texan in UAE said...

wa alikom salam annfrendly, thanks for visiting, I hope you enjoy. :)))

Alice dear, do I know you? LOL I hear ya. I Have to make a plan and fast. I'm thiking about just handwriting my thoughts and then just getting on my blog and typing it out and khalas. LOL But, I also run an all woman's Islamic forum, so that wouldn't work.

I can give myself a a time limit. LOL We will soon see. But, your right about it making a difference. Insha'a'Allah! we can change for the better.

I Haven't opened that book in forever. A shame. I ordered that from, Amazon in the states. About 4 yrs ago? I forget. Insha'a'Allah our Arabic gets better. <3 Jazkay Allah KHair for stopping by! *hugs*

Texan in UAE said...

OM A - let's see if we will keep it up. I think twizzle is in the middle of typing up a very nice entry. :)))

Susie!!! Thanks for stopping by. You won't believe me if I told you... LOL My city I grew up in, was Del Rio, TX and it was minutes away from the boarder. I lived on 9th street! so, we must be cousins! hahhahah your cute! But, when you typed out, 8th street! I was *shocked* So, you lived down the street! HA HA HA J/K But, what a coincidence. Honestly! it was nice seeing you. I hope you come back to visit. The blog design is by a great sister, Um Talal. Pink strawberries. I'll give you her link, on Muslim Sisters Unite. I seen you joined. *yippie*

Insha'a'Allah see you around the blog world and MSU (Muslim Sisters Unite) It can't get more addicting than this. ;) *hugs*

Texan in UAE said...

bliss, thanks for stopping by. :) wow, masha'a'Allah! 5 years? I've seen some sisters out there blogging for many years. I don't know if I would be able to keep it up. Kudos to you!!! :)))

Safyiah, that sucks about the alchohol. But, here in UAE it's halal. Insha'a'Allah. :) Thanks for stopping by. Insha'a'Allah all of y'all come again. :)))

SimSim said...

Hiii .... I am really interested to know more about u and I already like ur blog ! hope to know more about ur experience in becoming Muslim and moving to the arab world !

about addiction; i think it will be less after a while for me this is my 5th year in blogging :D but for eaxmple i write around 10 posts a month ... doesn't sound addiction right ? lol

wooow time goes very fast :D

welcome to the blogosphere and keep the good work :)

that's me said...

blogging is an adiction but I think it feels good, I'm all day with my 2 bbs at home so this is one way to express myself and to know what is happening out there...this coz I live in a contry where i barely understand the languaje so internet is a nice way to keep in touch with the world outside the pyramids, desert,falafel,etc.
about blogging I really don't believe in good nor bad blogs coz a blog is like a mirrow of your character then you can't say what is good or bad if we all as humansare different then nobody should feel bad coz their blog is not pretty or interesting as the others...your blog is yours who want to read it ok if no one want it then it should not affect you, is not god when you do what the others just to have "fans" I really don't care if I have only 1 fan or 0 for me is the same i do what I like and that's the important for me.
I have a magazine that not more peopple what? hehehehe
I enjoy doing it, in fact I do it for me hahaha and I have to say I like my magazine uhuuuu!.
so keep going post when you feel like to doit, post whatever you want, your blog is nice your style is fresh I like it!

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

it can be soooo addicting!! I think it can get a bit ridiculously addicting at times... I have to pull myself away from my laptop now LOL

inshallah we can keep up with the blogging... I was inactive with my blog for about 7months and am blogging again so we will see if it continues inshallah!

Texan in UAE said...

that's me- I like the way you think... I do. I do blogs reflect the person. You have to enjoy what you do. I do enjoy this. A lot. LOL But, I best get offline now, my hubby is waiting for me. :))) Thanks for stopping by, mija.

Twizzle - I'm looking out for your entry. did you do it? I'll look. I'll talk to you insha'a'Allah, tomorrow!!! family time. :))))

Texan in UAE said...

SimSim, habibti welcome to my blog. I loved your blog, insha'a'Allah I will frequent it often. :)))

INsha'a'Allah if you stick around! you'll know more about me.

5 yrs is long! wow wee! But, you write when you wanna. Good for you. it's like you have a audience in the beginning. Take care, sweetie. :)) come back!!!! <3

Esell said...

Hey my sweety meety I really loveeeeeeeeeee to read whatever you write because you always have something interesting to share mashaAllah :D You can call me kinda addicted too because i want to keep alive my blog but not getting enough time but hopefuly soon it will be running fastttttttttt LOL.
I must say , your blog is one of the cutest and beautiful one mashaAllah. Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!

love you tonssssssssss

Sara said...

Haha-wow thank goodness I thought I was the only one who was becoming blog addicted! I really love it too, and I love your blog mashAllah :) Gulf arabic huh is that different than regular arabic?

Texan in UAE said...

Esell, your soo sweet! you have to get your blog going! Thanks for stopping by!!! I love you!!!!!

Sara!! how are you today? Habibti, the gulf dialect is different than the others. I mean, heck, even from state to state here in UAE is a tiny difference. LOL different arab countries have different dialect. The hardest to understand is, Moroccan for me. It's tough.

San Antonio Cicily said...

I just blog for fun and to learn more about the middle east! I like the pink page its cute!

Sara said...

I'm doing great! Really swamped with school work, so less time for blogging though :/ Thanks for clearing that up, that is so true! In my house everyone talks slang arabic, so probably not many other people even understand it.

Maryam said...

Man, I feel the exact same way. At first I didn't think I had anything to write about, but then once I started blogging, I couldn't stop.


Since school has started though, I've been taking a break from leisure internet time/blogging. It not, I would definately waste my time and fail my classes.

BTW, nice blog.

*clicks follow icon*

Texan in UAE said...

Welcome, San Antonio Cicily - Thanks for the complement. I love the pink background, too. :))) come back!

Your welcome little sara. I'm sure Abu Azooz would understand your father if he was talking, it's just a different dialect. :)))

MaryAnn, welcome to my blog sweetie. I really don't feel I waste time. If I can make one person feel better, I'm doing a good job. My aim is to make a difference. come back!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Salaam alaikum sister :):)

thankyou for your comment on my blog i lovvve your blog :) deff going to be following :)

inshAllah you are good


Anonymous said...



Twizzle said...

A Blessing in Tragedy,

why is that wierd? I have one too...different than hers.

there are Egyptian dialects, Levantine dialects, and now the Gulf dialects.

its just that they don't stick to one Gulf dialect so it can get confusing sometimes.

Anonymous said...

It weird because Ive never seen it, nor was I aware that many put an emphases on the Gulf Dialects being important enough to learn.

Even as a kid growing up in the UAE we were taught Arabic by Syrian and Jordanian teachers, who taught us "Proper Arabic" or as we call it 3arabi Fus7a.

That is usually the contents of the Arabic as a 2nd language books. Very surprised to see a Gulf Arabic book. I should get one for my fiance. She has a hard time following me in Arabic as I speak my Emarati dialect and she a... mix of Jordanian and Lebanese I'd say.

Mohamed Melouk said...

kris.. thank god i found u.. u r so good person..

Because life is beautiful.


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