Thursday, March 11, 2010

I'm just a tiny bit addicted..... Nah, I'm addicted! :|

salaamsbanner.gif and hola.gifto all my followers....
mood: happy
craving: getting more of my Tom Ford

Everyone who knows me, knows I just LOVE perfume. I'm more than sure my mom was the culprit in it. LOL

When I got married my husband brought many gifts  back from different Middle Eastern countries. Most of that was different perfumes and oils. I was  whisked away by the smells of these Arabian perfumes/oils. I've never in my life smelled anything like it. I can't even compare it.

I find I love western/French perfumes (I can't live without them) but, these Arabian perfumes have such a different and wonderful smell to them, I can't really explain what the smell is. Y'all have to smell them to appreciate the beauty of the smell.  I can go on and on and on... but, I'll stop and post some of my  favorite Arabian perfumes. The bottles are fantastic and blow the western bottles away.

The one in the front is Fabulous . Wowwweee! It's a soft sweet smell. The other bottles are OUD oil and you have to get used to the smell. Arabs and Muslims alike always use this expensive oil on occasions like, weddings, Jummah (Friday), Ramadan, Eid's and other big occasions.

I know several non-Muslims who just love the smells and buy them. Very popular here in the middle east.

^ that is pure oud oil.. My husband mainly wears this stuff. If im in the mood I wear it. It's really strong.

Happiness is perfume, you can't pour it on somebody else without getting a few drops on yourself.

The bottle on the far right is my favorite. I love it. It's a oud oil too.

Can anyone remember love? It's like trying to summon up the smell of roses in a cellar. You might see a rose, but never the perfume.

Anyways, I'm sure y'all get the picture. I love my perfumes. I didn't even take a picture of all my perfumes, I'm sure they would never ever ever fit into one picture alone.

Which perfumes are your favs? I have Tom Ford and his perfumes are AMAZING!!!!! Tuscan Leather and Amber Absolute.. Wow! I can't stop smelling my wrists when I do whip that on. LOL

As perfume doth remain In the folds where it hath lain, So the thought of you, remaining Deeply folded in my brain, Will not leave me: all things leave me: You remain.

Well, I'll end this now... I would love to know your favorite perfumes/colognes. 

final whisper: so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep.

Pablo Neruda 


Ashi said...

OOO those bottles are gorgeous!

I don't have any arabic perfume, but quite a few western ones. My faves:

-Euphoria Blossom by Calvin Klien
-Very Irresistable by Givenchy
-Love of Pink by Lacoste
-Cherry Blossom by Loccitanne
-Fuel for Life by Diesel [I also LOVE the mens one...more than the womens one actually lol]
-Paradise by Next
-Be Delicious by DKNY

..theres loads more...but I'd probably be here all day lol

miss_dior said...

i love them also!!!!!!!!!!!!!immagin i have also a collection...not so wide like yours but are fantastic specially the oils...i use to drop a lil in the tub!and their smell remains on the skin all day long...I think sometimes the big houses of fashion (bc those product the labels in perfumes)should learn from the arabic perfumes....are fantastic!hugs!

Anonymous said...

Assalam alaikum.

Mashallah you've got a lot of perfumes!!!!:X

I love perfumes too! When I walk into a perfume shop - want to buy them all!;)) But I have few perfumes at a time. I love to finish what I have before buying new ones. Otherwise I have a feeling like my perfumes are neverending and I get bored with all of them. When I had many perfumes I was giving them away. At the moment I have not more than...4 perfumes (two "french" in spray and two "arabian" in oil) Can't wait for them to finish to buy something new :) I can't name any names because I love too many of female scents.

From male scents - I love perfumes which dh uses from Abdul Samad al Qurashi the most.

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

Mashallah for all your perfumes!!

I loooooooooooooove the Narcisco Rodriguez scent you have named "Musc for Her"

and you don't even use it do ya??? when is the last time you used it? come on now, hand it over to me NOW!!

I love that one because I love subtle scents Mashallah :)

Umm Riyam said...

Assalaamu alaikum,

So sorry I haven't been reading lately.

I love perfume too, but I don't have very many. I feel bad to spend so much money on perfume, so I buy like one each year.

My favorite perfume is Flowerbomb from Viktor & Rolf. I fell in love with it the first time I smelled it. And, it took me so long to just buy it because it's so expensive!

I do want to buy some of the Arabian perfumes from Asgharali or Rasasi in sha' Allah. I wonder if my mom would like them...

Miss Dreamer said...

Heeeey Texan,

I honestly love your collection of perfumes, they look fabulous! I am as addicted to perfumes as you are, and I even wonder if it is not a little more;P

I love Arabian perfumes; they have this uniqueness about them. My favourite French perfumes are:
Coco Mademosille- Channel
Stella-Stella MCcartney
Valentino-Rock and dreams
La Secret-Givenchy
Hypnose senses-Lancome

There are many more but I cannot remember them all:D

Love you

annfrendly said...

Salam..'s nice collection.. beautiful bottles..
i never see it before..
i try to imagine how its smell..

Anonymous said...

my oh my,will you look at that!gorgeous am itching for 1 or 2 arabian perfume myself!ok, gotta call my mom and order a few pronto.bye hahaha!

Cheryl said...

May I ask what kind of perfume/oil is in the silver globe with the blue gem on top in the second picture? (That was kind of a clunky sentence, lol.)

Princess said...

Salam sis!
Masha'Allah, luv your perfume collection! i luv perfume too but definitely prefer oils especially oud and jasmine. as far as perfumes, tom ford's line is AMAZING, i luv nearly all of them! <3 <3

Elena Faletova said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LyddieGal said...

Those bottles alone make me want the perfumes scent un-smelt!

I don't really have a favorite perfume, but I do prefer light, citrusy sents.

Another-Penelope said...

Mashalla that's alot ^_^ I do like some smell of oud bs im more fancy to french perfumes ^_^ oh yeah send me ur bb pin to this email

heart/and/soul said...

Oh my fav at the moment is FOREVER BY MARIAH CAREY!!

heart/and/soul said...

Who doesnt?!? hehe

I used to wear perfumes, like heapppps but then stopped after I found out I couldnt use now i dont really have a reason buy them anymore because it's not like I have a husband to wear it for. hehe So i'll wait for when I get married inshaAllah. :)

MaMa MishMish said...

As Salaam Alaikum,

MashaAllah so many perfumes ;;) I love to buy the Arabian perfumes because they come in the pretty little bottles and each one is a piece of art! :) I like the Oud Cambodi and there is another spray Dihn Oud scent that is unisex and i really, really love it.

I love Nina Ricci's "Love in Paris".

Texan in UAE said...

Ashi, Euphoria is one of my favs.. I love all the ones you love... I've never smelled Fuel. DKNY the original is my all time fav. Thanks for dropping by !

miss_dior, The oils are wonderful! I think I'll try the tub thingy. (((hugs))

Alice, nice to see you hon. Yes, I feel like you, i wanna buy them all. LOL I love way to many. ;))

Twizzle, come and get it! LOL what a way to bring you here. I miss you. Well, last night after the shower I whipped it on. Wow wee! i forgot how nice it is... ;))

Umm Riyam, nice to se eyou again.. ;) Flowerbomb is da bomb ;)) I also love it.f I don't have it, but love it when I go and smell all the perfumes. You know, about your mom liking them. I really think you have to get used to the smell. I remember when my dh got me some, I was blown away... Some of them are very strong...

Miss Dreamer dear, I love Valentino Rock and dreams! just love it.. I just put La Secret Givenchy on this morning. I love Insolence.. All of them are wonderful. ;)) :X

Wa alikom salam Ann sweetie, oh dear! they smell so very good. ;)) :X I wish someday for you to smell them.

aimie bahirah, welcome to my blog! ;)) have you ever smelled them? no smell like them. Yes, do call your mom if she can get a hold of them. So worth it. :X

Cheryl, welcome to my blog. Yes, that's Umm Rania. It's so nice. They sell it at Rasasi (stores in the middle east)
Please come back!

Princess, Wa alikom salam.. Thanks sis! Jasmine is awesome!!!! Yes, Tom is my favorite line!!!!! masha'a'Allah! @ you having all.. :X

Ellena, I love love love white musk too. ;)

LyddieGal, ;)) My sister told me, can you please send me all your old bottles. ;)) They are lovely!!!!

Another-Penelope, I sent you my bb pin. ;)) I hope to get to chat with you soonish. ;))

heart/and/soul, May Allah give you a pious hubby ameen I just love wearing them! I'm always spraying them on. ;)) :X

MaMa MishMish, ITA each one is a piece of art. Masha'a'Allah. OOo I hvae the Dihn Oud .. I love it... Nina is nice! I have that one. ;)) :X

OmAbdullah said...

mashaAllah you and your perfumes :)) Your so cute!

They are all beautiful ! i love the different smells :D

Anonymous said...

:D Ohhh the bottles are beautiful!!

I'm not much of a perfume person because most give me a headache... I have Viva La Juicy & Jadore...I mostly like fruity Victorias Secret

Now I'm very curious about the types you have hmmmmmmmm 8-}

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

Omg siis im falling in love with your blog, you love perfumes tooo yeey lol, i have a perfume adiction also from my mum, i love the more mainstream french ones because their smells are less strong
i did a post showing my ten fave perfumes
elizabeth arden
etc, but no one can beat the decorations on the arabian bottles, i actually buy some arabian perfumes, just because of the bottles, sadly most of my perfumes apart from my absolute best are at home in London, i have to create a new collection whilst im here in Saudi i have some of the perfumes that you have too

Smart CoOKie said...

I'm not into perfumes. But I LOVE oud and Coco Mademoiselle.

dust n roses said...

WoW! what a collection! it's puts mine to shame...i have only one arabian oil which i got at the one & only royal mirage oriental hammam, which since you are close by, if you ever have the urge to spend a little on your self and come out feeling rejuvenated like never before, you should definitely check out!

dust n roses said...

WoW! what a collection! it's puts mine to shame...i have only one arabian oil which i got in dubai, at the one & only royal mirage oriental hammam, which since you are close by, if you ever have the urge to spend a little on your self and come out feeling rejuvenated like never before, you should definitely check out!

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