Thursday, March 25, 2010

La Cucaracha

mood: relaxed
craving: time with the family

Cucaracha, means Roach in Spanish.

There's something about those gross, brown, ugly bugs that everyone loves to hate.  When I see them, I honestly scream and cry. Ya, ya I am a big baby. Since moving here I haven't seen a lot of them, but enough to never wanna ever see them again. Who would wanna see them? We had them back in Texas and they were the same ones, the big flying disgusting ones. *gross* Thank God we don't have a problem with these little suckers, I would truly consider moving if we did. Not moving out of the country, but moving out to another home. LOL I can be very demanding when it comes to stuff I don't like. This is one thing I can't stand.

So, the story goes. Last week I was cleaning and moved our couch pillow and there it was, a gross big Cockroach! Ewwwwwwwww.  I immediately screamed and my hands and face broke out into a sweat. I ran for the phone and called my dear husband at work. Thank God he works close enough to get into his vehicle and come home fast. This is me..

Me: Come home please
him: what's going on?
Me: There's a big gross disgusting Roach on the couch.
Him: kill it. "he's laughing so hard"
Me: NOOOoOoOOOooO!!!! I have it in a glass candle blocking it from going anywhere and my hand  is killing me. Our son is trying to move the glass and I think your parents might even hear me crying.
Him: I am on my way. Laughing
Me: waiting... Ten minutes go buy... Still waiting...... Seems forever....

Thank God! he came in the door and he killed it. I ran out of the room crying still. I told him to get the bug people to come. We don't like to do this, but in this part of the world, where it's hot and humid, it's unavoidable that your gonna get these gross little creatures of hell. You're basically screwed if you get the little bitty ones. The ones we get from time to time are the big gross ones. They're called water bugs. They're disgusting. I always keep our bathrooms super clean and our kitchen very very, very clean. No food is to be left out and trash is taken daily.  These damn little things seem to gross everyone out.

There was this other time when I was in my bedroom and my daughter had just gone to sleep. I looked up at the ceiling and saw something black on it. It started to move and I realized it was a roach. OH MY GOD, I started screaming for her to come and kill it. She ran into my bedroom and caught it and killed it. I'm really paranoid when it comes to these things.

Have y'all ever had any roach problems? If so, share.

final whisper: don't ever kill a roach with your shoe. If she's carrying eggs, they will stay on your shoe and hatch in your house. LOL Yuck! 


Erika said...

I hate roaches, too! & now that you tell me, I will NEVER kill a roach w/a shoe!! Haha

Texan in UAE said...

Erika honey. I get my mail on my bb and I am on my imac now. My daughter and I are laughing so hard. I read your message to her and she was like, "Mom, poor Erika, you scared her." I couldn't help it. I can't stop laughing. It's the truth, don't kill'em with a shoe. LOL your sooo cute!

Texan Teen said...

ughhh cockroaches are disgusting. there was this one time where we were sitting in the living room and mom felt something crawl along her neck. she just thought it was something small... but then a couple of minutes later, the roach jumped out from behind the laptop and scared the heck out of ussss!
it was disgusting

i had to get it and kill it, mom was screaming and crying xD i was freaked too, i admit. my little borhter was only a couple months old then =P

Miss Dreamer said...

Yuck!! I HATE cockroaches so much I could feel my stomach going crazy at this very moment!! You know, I laughed my head off at reading your funny and entertaining post!! I am still laughing as a matter of fact;P

I tried to imagine you screaming and calling for help!! LOL

Well, I cannot say I don;t scream when I see one!! I get paranoid to the extent that I freak the whole family out! I always imagine it flying to me and landing on me awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

Erika said...

LOL, we are all girls in my family (besides my dad) so we are SCARED when it comes to roaches...

I always thought it was gross to kill roaches with shoes, but I never knew they could leave their eggs! Lol.

And, yes, we are Mexican... Thanks for all the wonderful comments! :D

Texan in UAE said...

Erika, I figured you were Mexican. LOL (((Hugs))) LOL I am sure all you girls! would scream, bloody murder. They're gross!!! ekk.. I pray we don't see any tonight. It's like they know your talking about them. :|

Miss Dreamer, You made me laugh out loud. My daughter had to ask me what's wrong. I am a nut. LOOOOOL @ you freaking the whole family out.. and LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL @ you imagining one landing on you. Ekkkk!!! disgusting little gross creatures!!!! (((hugs))) love and kisses

Nabsj said...

Your husband left work just to kill a cockroach! LOL!!

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

I remember at work back in the US we were talking about cockroaches and I told one co-worker that I never used my own shoes to kill one, but if someone else's shoe was available I would use theirs. Then she told me never to do that because the eggs stick to the shoes and spread!! YUCK!! gross!! barf!!

in Colorado we dont' have the huge ones! its not a tropical climate. But we get the smaller ones, and with those, if you see one, there is a million more living close by. The huge cockroaches are more independant living ones. the smaller ones are much more difficult to control because they breed so fast.

in Australia we had the huge flying ones!! gross.. I remember one was flying along the wall and kept bumping the wall and you could hear it really loud! my husband was asleep so I had to kill it. I think I grabbed a magazine or something and then some bug spray. I whacked it and then sprayed it. YUCK!!

The worst ever was staying at someone's home overseas once and hearing cockroaches in the kitchen as they crawled around and also hearing them in the plastic trash bags-- GROSS! I tried to call my husband but no answer, then I tried to call you and no answer, and then I got a hold of Om Fatima and she was all gagging when I was telling her I could hear the cockroaches! LOL We left that house right away and got a hotel!! That was traumatic!!


UmmKhaled said...

OMG YOU are THE cutest thing I ever KNEW! THAT was so cute I lol'd and I wanna read it to all I know hehehehehehehe!

Love YOU!

Mimisha said...

My mother in law has roches in her house and iam always scred that they will somehow manage to come2 our apartment 2 :S
I kinda react like u when i see them, i always let my husband kill them for me:)

miss_dior said...

my sister!!!!!!!i hate them also!!!!!!!this is the reason why i dont like to go to the country side or to camp in a tent...all that has small feet and flies or walks just stay away!!!! xoxo

Sonia said...

Awww...What a cuteee post, especially the part where your husband came home to kill the roach :) I am just like you, I HATE roaches, ants, bugs, mice... well everything that needs to be exterminated =/

2 days ago, my husband and I were washing the dishes when he spotted a medium sized bug on the counter (probably crawled in when I opened the windows) and since his hands were soapy and wet he says to me "Kill it" and I freaked out. He ended up drying his hands and killing the darn thing. YUCK! Hate those things.


Melissa said...

Oh, I hate them too!!! We have the small German roaches in the apartment we used to live in. They were everywhere! And I mean that literally.

One night I had to get up to get our daughter her bottle. I flicked on the light in the kitchen and stood there, frozen in fear. There were cockroaches alllll over the kitchen! :O I hated living there. It was really bad.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! funny!

I love that your husband left work to kill it!
When I get married I hope my husband works close for the same reason & then I wont have to suck the spiders up with the

Zaiynab said...

ewwwww I didn't know the eggs could stick to shoes! ew ew ew!!! alhamdulilah I don't think I've ever seen a roach in my home, but we have had beetles which are just as nasty to me! and I can't kill them because the crunch they make when they're killed *shudders* it's a horrible horrible disgusting sound!

hispanic muslimah said...

I'm the same way. 23 years old and still scream and cry at the sight of a roach. I run away from them too. I can't bring myself to kill the big ones because of the nasty crunch sound and pus that comes out.
I make my siblings kill them for me. If I was married I'd call my husband to kill it for me too.

Strawberry said...

I HATE HATE HATE HATE it ( cry )..

Standy said...

LOOOOOL!!! i hate them too.. i cant believe when i was younger i used to carry them and throw them.. YUCK!! nowi cant stand them lool..

Because life is beautiful.


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