Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Oh my God! Where in the WORLD do you live?"

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I get this question from my old friends/family back home. Facebook being the new tool to keep in touch, it comes in handy to re-connect with all those grade school friends and family you haven't seen in the past 10 yrs or more (in my case).

I feel when I do mention where I live there's always someone asking me," Where is THAT?" It's rare for me to get one or two people who know where UAE is.

First of all, I don't live in the desert in a tent with no running water and a hole in the sand as my bathroom. I don't ride a camel to go places and far most! No, I don't live amongst Arabian terrorists. :| NO No NO to all those... It makes me giggle to know that people actually think this. I've never had any of my family members here in UAE ask me if I ride horses back in TEXAS. Believe me, they are very worldly people.

I find that Europeans and Arabs are pretty damn smart when it comes to the world outside their countries. They really push them to be. Europe has always just been worldly; I've met many Europeans. I think Europeans travel more than Americans. I guess with living between the continents, they know a lot more than the typical American. Sad but true.

Before I was Muslim, in my little bubble in TEXAS, I knew little or nothing about the Middle East and I loved Geography. Now, I know of places that I'm sure the typical American wouldn't ever know. We have the biggest tower, the biggest mall and the biggest indoor theme park in the world here! They're building the world's first zero carbon/zero waste city here (Masdar City). It's hard to believe some people don't even know what UAE is/ where it is.

I wish people would take a look at a map or watch the Discovery Channel (like my dad does) and see where United Arab Emirates is. It's a lovely little country and very progressive. I see more Americans and foreigners here than the locals. I want to invite y'all to learn about the UAE.

This country is so beautiful and RICH in culture and history. I'm sure y'all would enjoy sunny days here in this beautiful country.

So, when y'all are planning your next Holiday/Vacation, plan to come see me. It would be a pleasure for me to show you around UAE... and who knows, maybe we can hop on to other countries that are close.

final whisper: it's never to late to make a plane reservation... I'm waiting...


Erika said...

The biggest mall? That's definitely a plus! Hehe ;) I do plan on traveling the world when I'm older and have the money, so maybe one day I'll be a (temporary) Texan in UAE ;D

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about us Americans & not knowing much about other countries.
So I am super keen on the Discovery

I have always had an interest in different places since I was a kid & saw King Tut @ the Museum...I wanted to be Cleopatra & live in

I'm getting a passport for me & The Kid this Summer....WOOT WOOT & I'll look into visiting you & The UAE! I have always wanted to visit your neck of the
Ohhhh, & Jordan, I have wanted to visit Jordan FOREVER & my baby sister lives in Japan but, She's moving back to the states this Summer so Boooo for that idea :(
...we have GOT to go to Egypt..although I bet it is nothing like I have had it pictured in my head since I fell in love with King Tut & the Museum!

hispanic muslimah said...

Americans are amazed when they visit a different state than their own :)

OmAbdullah said...

hehe cute! I got asked so many crazy questions when i was moving here... someone asked me if they have malls here LOL -- ahh welcome to mall central LOL

And i was asked if I will see like tanks driving around.. like a war zone!

God willing more people will read this and gain more knowledge about this side of the world :)

How wonderful would it be to have your dad, brother and siblings come! wowoeeeee! God willing!

Mochness said...
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heart/and/soul said...

MashaAllah sis, nice blog you have here..

And, you know what, I might just take up on your offer one day hehe :P

You could come down to AUSTRALIA, where I live!

heart/and/soul said...

MashaAllah sis, nice blog you have here.

And you know what, i might just take up on your offer one day :P

You're most welcome to come down to Australia, where I live. ;D

Clever Foxy said...

Seeing different countries is wonderful and opens the mind. As for Americans: I am a European, but I am very thankful to Americans for all useful things I learned from their books, discoveries and inventions. You just have different people everywhere, I guess. What it would be like if I never learned Enlish for example? That would be a great limitation. Every language opens a new door.

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

So true! Americans are not pushed to study geography. I think I had 2 or 3 geography classes in grade school and that was it. In Europe, Asia, Africa etc geography is taught throughtout gradeschool, university etc. My husband is moroccan and can tell me where any country is, the capital of that country, neighboring countries, their languages they speak, etc.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

haha yeah the uae is beautiful however atleast here in england if yu say UAE and they say where? and you say Dubai theyll smile and be like "aah cool", so they know where it is, i know that europeans are interested in travel and different cultures and are up for trying anything (i have to admit i dont like trying foreign foods),but since ive never been to america and dont know many americans in real life, then i wont comment because i tell people not to comment on people/places theve never seen
practice what you preach and all that

Durriyyah said...

Oh, I didn't know the mall there was finished... and I thought we had the biggest mall! *tear* (I live in Minnesota, and the Mall of America is about 15 minutes away from my home) MashaAllah, the UAE is blooming into a beautiful country and part of me really would love to move there. **daydreaming**

Sonia said...

LOL, very funny post! You got to admit tho, UAE looks like a tiny speck on the world map :D

I think Americans have come a long way since 9/11, and actually know more countries than ever before. At least now many know that Canada is not in Europe and not everyone wearing thobe is rich Saudi sheikh *yippie!* Still, long way to come tho. I'd say Travel Channel is a good start for many Americans to see the world out there. At least Americans know Dubai even tho they don't know that Dubai is a city/state within UAE

Love you my blueberry muffin with several pats of butter♥

Amalia said...

Hehe, yeah I used to live in Dubai in the 80's, early 90's and when I went to England no one knew where it was. I'm dying to come back for a visit as sooo much has changed since I lived there.

miss_dior said...

it made me smile wht u said about europeans ..:)) i think we are like that bc in our small space we are very diffrent...from north to south and west to east....diffrent cultures,and so we have to "support us"this is why we know "more".The Americans(no offense)are pitty much the same bc who goes there assimilates thier way of living bc is more easy...In Europe each country has a way of living life...and is harder to integrate....
I wish in some 2 years to move also to Dubai!:D

that's me said...

Now I think americans are more aware of other places and cultures, and they are seeing that uae is growing and having not just biggest things in all the world but greatest things, exept pyramids of more than 7 thousand years hehehe(I have to defend Egypt heheh)and that what they thought about arabs is turning in a completely different true, now they see khaleji women wearing the latest fashion, they know they are not only women in a black piece of clothe as more of them who hates arabs think.

Ms.Unique said...

Assalamualikum Sis,

Jazak Allah for visiting my blog .... Masha Allah your blog is nice too ... :)

I sure do want to visit the UAE, I'll let ya know when I'm coming ;)

Tc. Hugs.

Sara said...

I miss you too! I love love the new layout mashAllah! UAE sounds pretty amazing, it's my dream to visit one day.

Texan in UAE said...

Erika, sweetie I didn't know you were from TEXAS? I think everyone should take a holiday outta the states! brings so much knowledge. :))

Tiff, honey! I wanna visit Egypt someday. :) God's willing.

hispanic musliah, LOL I had to laugh at that. In fact, with me living in TEXAS, it's so huge! that it takes 11 hours to just get outta the state from where I live. Imagine. That's why everyone stays in TEXAS... Well, and the fact that it's one of the best places to be.. LOL Ok, I'm bias. But, I love my TEXAS.

Mochness, welcome to my blog. :) Ironic! huh?! LOOOOOL @ the oil. Never been asked that. Thank God! I have to laugh at all the questions I get asked by my family and friends. LOL I think Middle eastern ARabs are very much generalized. Due to things that have happened in the past. Again, welcome. please come back. :))

heart/and/soul, be careful, I might just take you up on that offer. LOL welcome to my blog. :)

clever foxy, if America wasn't there, you would of learned perfect English from the brits! :)

Rene, Yep, just like my husband and his siblings, It's amazing how much more learned they are about these kinds of things. They really push them to learn more about cultures and other things outside their countries. Welcome to my blog. :))

Hijabi's, :) Yes, in desite of them still knowing where Dubai is, they don't know it's a state in UAE. LOL People think Dubai is the capital in UAE, when in fact it's Abu Dhabi. :))

Durriyyah, Yes, ma'am we have the biggest mall in the world. Come visit sometime. We love going there. Cause it's so big, it's not crowded. Thank God! everyone has enough room to move around. :) Insha'a'Allah! someday y'all will move here. Why not? Everyone else is. ;) would love to have you.

Sonia, welcome back, it's been a while. (((hugs))) i actually LOOOOL when I read this last night.. Your very right. I need to make a post on AD being the capital of UAE. I think people in a whole (outside of UAE) think, Dubai is a country in it's self. I need to get people educated on that. Insha'a'Allah.

Amalia, welcome to my blog, nice to have you here. :) waiting for your visit. :)

miss_dior, I'm happy i made you smile. But, the truth is the truth. I have traveled around and have friends from all over. I love to ask their opinions about us American's. Sometimes they get shy and tell me what they think will hurt me, But, their only telling the truth. :) ita with everything you wrote. You summed it up, very good. (((hugs)))

that's me, don't be shocked if I go visit you to see those Pyramids. :)

Ms.Unique, Jazkay Allah Khair sis ((((hugs)))) let me know, honey! I"ll be here. Insha'a'Allah.

Sara, Thanks! honey! You can make your dream come true! I welcome you.

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments. Until my next entry. God bless!

Sonia, my little apple cake muffin with strawberries and whipped cream, i miss you. I Hope your doing well. keep in touch! (((((hugs))))))))

Texan in UAE said...

HA HA HA Om A, I didn't address you. hahhah I think cause you and I talk so much (daily) LOL don't slap me,. you know I love you.

Erika said...

Well, I guess the ring's price isn't TOO bad, but I would rather not buy it myself..I showed it to my boyfriend and hinted how BAD I wanted it. Haha ;)

I actually used to work at a Forever 21...which is why I have so much Forever 21 Thanks :)

I'm from Houston AND my boyfriend is from San Antonio!! :D Well he was born there, but moved to Houston when he was 6. How long did you live in Texas?

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

yes it definitely is true that Americans are getting more and more knowledge of the world, I definitely know how much ignorance there is there.

as was mentioned before, geography is not such an important part of school.. I was required to study it for only 1 semester in high school and that was it.

also, with the Europeans, they have more of a culture there where they have more vacation time, and more explore more of the cities and countries around them. oh, and of course lets not forget the wonderful railway system in much of Europe! Mashallah :)

Americans don't get as much vacation time and so not as many opportunities to travel...

When I went back home from UAE the first time, one co-worker I showed a co-worker said,

"oh, it looks so normal! I thought it would be dirt roads and magic carpets."


annfrendly said...

wow UAE...
sounds very great..
you are so nice :)
if i'm having an opportunity to go there, i'll meet you there :)

Standy said...

LOOOOL.. they say that to all the Gulf countries,,

when we were in America for vication, a guy asked my brother where are you from and he said Oman, so they guy was like "Yes yes Oman, and what part of the state is that??!!" lol

Texan in UAE said...

Erika, I was born in SA and left cause my dad was in the USA Air Force. My family is from there and I moved back to SA years later.. Only to move to Germany and here! a couple years after living there. Houston is humid like here in UAE.. LOL


Ann, sweetie! your a heart! <3

TWizle, your right, American's don't get so much holiday time, like Europeans. But, I really hope that I've made a difference in my family knowing about UAE and other places. I have no idea. But, my dad knows and he watches discovery channel and reads a ton!

Faith said...

What do you think people think of KSA? We’re afraid to say where we’re from even to those coming from other gulf countries lol

al7mdellah :)

jennifer said...

essalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, hahahahaha! i can totally relate, although there are people who live in tents around here LOL well, not exactly around here, but a few hours going further south anyway. it's sad many of our countrymen/women don't know much about anything concerning the outside world. insha'allah someday the school system will improve a bit more and help people to read more about other cultures and history.

on another note, my hubby and i really thought about moving to the uae but never found any opportunithy to do so. insha'allah maybe one day we will visit you and you can show us the sites.

Because life is beautiful.


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