Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is for you, Esell.

mood: wide awake
craving: a nice hot white chocolate

Jummah Mubarak and

Salam Alikom to my Muslim Readers and Hola to my non-Muslim readers and followers.

I threw a party a couple days ago for one of my most special friends/sisters. She is one of the most amazing women I ever met. She stole my heart and many others hearts.  She is on her way to start here new amazing life. We love you Essel.

I wanna share some of the dishes we had.

Get ready to drool.


Grape vine leaves stuffed with rice and meat

Fried chicken

Chicken biryani 



cake balls

Tuna cakes

chicken casear salad

I don't know what they call this. But, it's good. A salad with egg plant and parsley, chickpeas and pine nuts.

Lasagna with the chicken biryani


Today's desserts for our family lunchen. I wish I got our lunch, but I totally forgot. I guess I was to hungry. LOL


chocolate drops


sliced bread cake 


We had a lot of other stuff, but I felt all shy taking all these. The pictures are taken with my bb, so they're not clear. 

final whisper: May God give you and your husband  a happy long life together ameen 

I hope y'all enjoyed the pictures. 



Liliana said...

you're making me hungry sis >.<
nice blog you have. :D

Cheryl said...

A delicious-looking spread!

LyddieGal said...

Oh what a spread! The samosas and tuna cakes look really tasty, and the cake balls -- I could eat them all!

Chic on the Cheap

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

Talk about a mouth-watering post...

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

salaam alaikum,

As a pregnant woman I shouldnt have looked at the pictures, but I couldnt help myself. Now I want to run to the store and pick up the ingredients to make everything! I miss samosas, they are so yummy! I used to live in a huge indian-pakistani community in the U.S. and I took advantage of all the good indian food, which unfortunately I can only find here in Madrid, a good 1.5 hour drive from where I live. The chocolate balls look delicious!

Anonymous said...


Can you adopt me so I can have stuff like that for lunch everyday?

annfrendly said...

many food there...
look so delicious..

zahra said...

mashallah. thats like all my favourite food right there!

Miss Dreamer said...

Ahem I am starving now and I want to try all those dishes!!

That is so sweet and I love they way you gather and celebrate sweetie.

Aneesah said...

Can you pass a napkin, because I'm drooling all over the place lol. I love throwing parties and playing hostess as well lol.

Rachel said...

Oh wow...the samosas, I have no idea what they are (going to have to Google it!) but I want! They look like crab rangoons, one of my most favorite foods ever.

It all looks so delicious!

heart/and/soul said...

I'm so hungry looking at those photos that I could just eat my computer screen. Those samosas really are tempting!!!!

SKITTLES said...

i just ate and now i'm hungry again! shame on you ;'(

Twizzle said...

oh, thats wierd I thought I posted a comment before I went to bed!!

anyhoo, the food look yummylicious and I am sorry I missed the party!

MashaAllah that was so sweet of you to throw that party for Esellita! :D

Princess said...

i LOVE all the food here! yum yum yum!! <3 <3

Amber Misk said...

Bismillah Masha Allah your blog is beautiful :) I'm wondering how do I rate it now ... hmmm...Zillion stars and more

Allah Bless You :)

Firefox said...

Oh my. You're pretty much amazing. What a great hoast! :D

Poor ultrablue. Haha. I won't even come close to this.

Mimisha said...

id like some of the qahwa and the flan :)
looks really yummy and i just wish i had the opportunity 2 go 2 partys like this 2 :S

Sara said...

Wow wow wow! Mashallah everything looks soooo amazing!

Btw I feel terrible I haven't been around on the forum and here, but I've never been busier. I'm leaving tomarrow for Umrah (inshAllah!!!), but I'll be a lot more active when I come back! :)

UmmKhaled said...

hehehehe they are like "Laish Hatha bint taking picture with hatha te-le-phonnne??" hehehehehe you were shy...awww just when they leave the room "snap" and then again "snap"

Mashaallah the food looks AMAZING..No wonder it is hard on the waistline and bum-line here...really it IS!

Love KAsey

MaMa MishMish said...

Hehehehe at Kasey :)

MashaAllah this was really, really wonderful what you did for Sweet, Sweet Esell.

Everything does look so yummy...especially the cake balls...yummmmmmmmm!

ashieBee said...

salam :))

everything look so yummy, sister! im drooling now...and you're making me hungry! hehehee.

takecare **hugs**

nidurali said...

Masha Allah your blog is so beautiful with good articles and photos

Because life is beautiful.


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