Sunday, March 28, 2010

Welcome home..

mood: Thankful 
craving: to hug my in laws

Finally the day had come, the day I had been waiting so eagerly since I married the man of my dreams.  I was gonna meet the most amazing parents who raised my husband and who made him in to the man that I love. So much was going through my mind, I never thought this day would come. After living in Germany for almost five years, I patiently awaited to hug my mother in law and thank her for raising such an amazing man. I waited to tell her my thoughts and feelings all these long years.  It was finally gonna happen. I had so many feelings going on, I made myself sick.

The morning we woke up to come to UAE, was the morning I'll never forget. I kept telling myself everything will be okay, I had to psyche myself out, or else I would end up throwing up. I didn't want that to happen.  I was pretty quiet on the flight and my husband kept comforting me and assuring me everything will be GREAT, they love you already and will love you more when they meet you. I just smiled and was still thinking in my mind, Wow my life is gonna change so much.  Will they like me? Even if I've talked to them on the phone all these years, several times and they confirmed their love for me when they accepted me.  I had to keep trying to tell to myself, everything would be just fine. Have faith in God.

By the time I knew it, we were there, in Dubai. Ekkkk. My husband wanted to surprise everyone so we got our luggage and we took off to our destination. Here we come! and no turning back. I remember so vividly looking at everything with wide open eyes and I was amazed that this was the United Arab Emirates - the Middle East. I was in shock. Yep, my culture shock had begun. What a road to go.  I had never in my life imagined that a middle eastern country can look and be as advanced as United Arab Emirates was/is. I guess you would call it, ignorance on my part. I seen tons of pictures, but pictures don't capture the amazing sites "In person" that UAE has.  Dubai is as busy as NYC; if not more.

We rented a car and we were off to meet my family. The family I would cherish and love for the rest of my life. It was finally gonna happen.

We turned on the street my husband grew up at. The house was seconds away. My stomach was turning and my heart was racing. I can't turn back now. I joked with my husband to just leave me at a hotel and when I am ready I'll call him so I can meet the family. He laughed and said, he'll carry me to his parents house and not let me go. Oh man, I was so nervous I could of just got out of the car and ran the other way. But, it was over 100 degrees and I would be in trouble if I did that. Plus I didn't know my way around. So, that plan was out the window.

I finally saw the house that we were going to live in. The villa right next door was my in laws and I can see my brother in laws looking out their bedroom windows. I quickly followed my husband into our villa. He carried the luggage up and me and my daughter were way ahead of him. I was already breaking a sweat. We entered the villa and I looked around and was still in shock from seeing everything else. He showed me around. It was pretty nostalgic seeing a place where my husband grew up and knowing this had been my in laws villa months before we moved in. For some odd reason I sat down and just started bawling my eyes out. My daughter quickly said, "Mom, what's wrong?" I looked up and said, I don't know.  I guess I was over whelmed and very nervous. This was the only outlet I had. To cry.

My husband had went to my in laws to greet everyone, I told him I can't go looking like I had run a marathon. I'll stay and take and get refreshed. He came back and seen me crying. He was worried and wanted to know why I was crying. He made me feel a lot better and told me everyone is excited to meet me.  By this time I had made a run to our bedroom, which my in laws set up, we shipped our bedroom set from the states. I felt a little more at home seeing something familiar in the villa. I still had to process everything into my mind. This is the country I will spend the rest of my life at, I am really in the Middle East. I will never go back to the States to live.  I think it started hitting me then. Remember I hadn't met my family yet. I heard a knock at our front door and looked out the peep hole, there stood a woman wearing a hijab (scarf on her head) and carrying something really big. I opened it and she handed it to me. I set it down. My husband came out of the other room and lifted the hot pot, his mother sent us some Briyani with meat. I couldn't eat anything. I had to go shower and get ready to go meet my in laws. Mind you, everyone was there.  My heart was still racing.

I got ready and off we went. It's a hop skip to their villa. So, I was thankful that I wasn't going to sweat. I didn't want to go in there looking like I had just come from swimming.

Peace - that was the other name for home.  ~Kathleen Norris

We got to the front gate and walked in and I was shaking, literally shaking. I look back now and laugh at myself.  Since we don't mix ( Men and women ) I was lead by my in laws maid to the woman's majils
( woman's sitting area ) I walked in and there everyone was. I got greeted with the biggest hug and kiss by my sweet lovely mother in law. I could of stayed in her arms forever. I wanted to cry, her hug was like my mothers. I felt at home. My sister in laws and my husband's sisters in laws, made me feel so good and comfortable. All that worrying was for nothing. I guess I'll always remember the first days I came to UAE. It seems all like a dream now. I thank God everyday for this awesome blessing. My in laws never seize to amazes me. I love them with all my heart.

May God bless them and give them good in this life and the hear after and reward them both ameen 

final whisper:  Right there, in my Mother in law's arms , I knew I was finally home.


Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

aww Mashallah this was the sweetest post, looking forward to laughing at your culture shocks :P, im glad you enjoy your life in the middle east, emiratis are lovely people arent they? :), psst do you speak arabic now?

ultra[blue] said...

This was so sweet, and it kind of made me tear up because this is in no way what my mother got when she 1st walked into my grandfather's house.

You have been blessed with good people. Feeling at home with good people in a wonderful feeling. Inshallah God will give you a lifetime of this feeling.

Bliss said...

So glad you finally settled down, and found the right person for you :) plus great family! mashallah amazing!

Is your husband Emirati?
And did you meet your in laws after you were married and had your daughter?
(You don't have to answer if you don't want to)

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

MashaAllah you do have wonderful in-laws!! next time I come up to your place I must go meet your MIL inshallah!

he he he I already had that run-in with your sweet ol' father-in-law who thought I was you outside your villa that day (I was wearing niqab)--allll when he realized I wasn't you he smiled and walked away real quick LOL

and MashAllah you were welcomed with open arms :) inshallah I'll make a post about my experience in the near future too... its too long to write out here :)

May Allah bless your in-laws :D

Dr.Mohammed said...

indeed you are living in heaven already! -masha allah- wonderful husband and wonderful in-laws.

you said "all that worrying was for nothing " and that's very important concept i like to think about everyday, we worry a lot about things that will never happened ! i write something in Arabic hopefully you will understand :
"اكثر ما يخشى المرء لا يحدث"
علي بن ابي طالب

i hope you will spend wonderful time, and welcome to middle east.

Miss Dreamer said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet!! I could almost see you freaking out right there and fearing the moment you have always waited for. It is amazing really how the one thing you have feared and anticipated in worry becomes the best thing in your life and a memory that fills you with love, peace and gratitude.

I am so happy for you my sister.


Yasmeen said...

Have a wonderful time with family.Thanks for stopping at my blog,hope to see you more often :D

OmAbdullah said...

I knew all this already but its sooo nice to read it mashaAllah you wrote it very beautifully! May Allah bless your wonderful inlaws! Alhamdulilah we've both been blessed with beautiful loving wonderful inlaws mashaAllah!

Which reminds me I would love to invite your inlaws here soon!!! What do you think???

OmAbdullah said...

I knew all this already but its sooo nice to read it mashaAllah you wrote it very beautifully! May Allah bless your wonderful inlaws! Alhamdulilah we've both been blessed with beautiful loving wonderful inlaws mashaAllah!

Which reminds me I would love to invite your inlaws here soon!!! What do you think???

Leila said...

Asalaamu alaikum!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I was reading over this post of yours and I think it's very sweet. I mean the way i would act is totally different but I think that's what makes us all individuals. :)

And btw! I'm from Texas also and I've been living here in the Netherlands for a little over 2 years. :)

I saw your blog and wanted to ask you so many things haha! I don't know if you'd have time to ever chat with me about some thing.

I hope Insha'Allah you have a beautiful day!

JazakAllah Khair!

Princess said...

this post is so beautiful!! all of your posts are, actually, Masha'Allah! you have a great way of capturing the moment. Alhamdullilah for being welcomed with open arms by such a loving family. Masha'Allah, it's truly wonderful. thanx for sharing your experience with us sis! <3 <3

Rene´s Bare Essentials said...

Salaam Alaikum!

Such a blessing it is to have sweet, caring in-laws. It is such a rare thing to find in-laws who are so welcoming and kind and accepting of their DIL! May Allah swt bless them and you always! Ameen. I too have wonderful in-laws but also know what it can be like when in-laws take a dislike to the DIL simply because the MIL is jealous of the DIL etc. Such stories sadden me and remind me why it is so important to marry into a family that puts islam first and culture second. If the family is practing they will treat their SIL and DIL with 100% pure love and kindness!

Umm Afraz said...

Assalaamu Alaikum wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakaathuhu.

Masha Allah la hawla wa la quwata illa billah! you had my heart racing there! Masha Allah, May Allah Bless you family! Aameen!

Amalia said...

as salama alaikum

So pleased you had such a nice welcoming to the family :)

Firefox said...

The way you described it made me feel like I was there! You're good at tugging on heart strings I have to say! Glad to hear you got through it and they can see why your husband chose YOU. :-)

My mother wasn't crucified but they didn't exactly accept her either with such kind open arms. I hope I have the same...but I doubt. (Don't ask) :/

Inshallah your bond with your in laws will continue to be unbreakable. :-)

Amina said...

awwwwwww, MashaAllah, what a wonderful family, what a sweet sweet sweet post!

Umm Aaminah said...

A'salaamu alaikum sis! Such a sweet story masha'Allah. I am glad it turned out so well; it'a always wonderful to add to your family, especially without pushing! LOL

To answer a few of your questions from my blog, I live in Hudson, MA now. When I was in UAE I lived in Ajman in the Al Bustan neighborhood. You know where that fort-type museum is? Mine was the building in front of it. I enjoyed the differences I experienced while there but ultimately it didn't work out and I came back home. Alhamdulillah for it all.

I am remarried, praise Allah!, and I can' wait to meet my in-laws. They are Tunisian so looks like I'll be visiting the Mediterranean Sea someday insha'Allah!

Ma salaama and take care ya'll!

Erika said...

What a wonderful & touching story. You have such a loving family & a great place to spend the rest of your life!

You really make me want to visit UAE!


Stimulus said...

Awww that's sooooooooo sweet... hamdilla :)

MaMa MishMish said...

MashaAllah, that made me cry. Your homecoming was so wonderful. Ameen to your dua. What a beautiful "final whisper". ♥

Zaiynab said...

Awwww mashaAllah how sweet <3 I'm sooo nervous to meet my husband's parents in May inshaAllah, eek! InshaAllah my experience will be as good as yours!!

TesaLili said...

mashaAllah, you made me tear up here sweety.. mashaAllah and alhamdulilah for all what you've got. you deserve all teh best sis.. mashaAllah..

Because life is beautiful.


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