Sunday, March 7, 2010

Why are you so sad?

mood: inspired
craving: to make a difference in someone's life

We often take life with a grain of salt. Always taking stuff for granted and thinking and wishing and hoping and praying everything will go as we plan. Well, I have news for everyone who thinks this (let me take my own words in heed, too) Our life is already written for us.  God said in the Quran...

 "Nothing will happen to us except what God has decreed for us: He is our protector": and on God let the Believers put their trust."(Qur'an 9:51) 
The only thing that can change Qadar (Pre-ordaiment  or destiny) is prayer or Dua as we Muslims    call it, this was mentioned in our Beloved Prophets hadiths.

How do I find my therapy?  I find my therapy when I'm praying our five daily prayers, us as Muslims pray, it's my time with God.  I cry to Him , talk to Him, complain to Him and confide in Him.. That alone makes me feel happier, calmer a lot more grateful.

I would love to share this with all my followers out there.  I know exactly why I'm blogging. I want to make a difference in people's lives. Since I've became Muslim this is all I've tried to do. I like it,.Nah, I LOVE it. There's something that makes my life a lot brighter when knowing I've made that little difference in someone's life.

I read this wonderful book a while back, and still continue to reflect on it, till this day. It's made a difference in my life.  I pray with all my heart, it makes a difference in your life too.

Don't be sad -- Life is shorter than you think

Dale Carnegie related a story of a man who had an ulcer that became aggravated to a dangerous level. Doctors informed him that he had very little time left to live. They insinuated that it would be wise for him to make funeral arrangements. Suddenly, Hani the patient - made a spontaneous decision: He thought to himself that if he had such little time left to live, why not enjoy it to the utmost?

He thought, "How often have I wished to travel around the world before I die. This is certainly the chance to realize my dreams." He bought his ticket and when the doctors became aware of his plans, they were shocked. They said to him, "We most strongly remonstrate with you and warn you: If you go forward on this journey you will be buried at the bottom of the ocean." Their arguments were in vain and he only answered, "No, nothing of the sort will happen. I have promised my relatives that I will come back to be buried in the family plot."

He thus began his trip of mirth and joy. He wrote to his wife saying, "I eat the most delectable of dishes on the cruise ship. I read poetry, and I eat tasty fatty foods that I have hitherto refrained from. I have enjoyed life during this period more than I have in my entire previous life."
Dale Carnegie claimed that the man became cured of his sickness and that the energizing path he took is one that is successful in defeating disease and pain.
The moral: happiness, cheerfulness, and calmness are often more efficacious than doctors' pills.

Above article was taken from Don't be sad

Be not sad [or afraid], surely Allah (God)  is with us.   (Qur'an 9: 4O)

"Verily, with hardship there is relief" (Qur'an 94:6)

final whisper:  


Texan Teen said...

very inspirational post <3

Miss Dreamer said...


Let me tell you this, you are indeed making a difference! I am very very lucky to know you, and you have made a wonderful difference in my life; there is a whole new bright side to it now that I have become friends with you.

Thank you.

Biiiiiiig hug

Miss Dreamer said...


Let me tell you this, you are indeed making a difference! I am very very lucky to know you, and you have made a wonderful difference in my life; there is a whole new bright side to it now that I have become friends with you.

Thank you.

Biiiiiiig hug

Fatima said...

MashAllah, such a beautiful post!
I've always been taught to have this rigid, somewhat formal relationship with Allah, so it has always been a bit hard for me to turn to him for help because I feel as if he'll dismiss my problem. I know it sounds silly but that's what I used to think until I read this post so thank you!

Kitten said...

Nice blog, and most importantly, serves a great message indeed.

It's good to know you've became a Muslim, I'd like to know more about that. If you've ever blogged about it before, you could easily link me to it to save you the hassle.

Thanks for passing by my blog, I'd followed both you & your daughter.

OmAbdullah said...

That was an amazing post! Thanks so much for that. And that story was something else! subhanaAllah ... we just don't know. Life is such a test.

i love you loads and love your thoughts and beautiful blogging!!! see you tomorrow inshaAllah

Another-Penelope said...

You make me happy , this is exactly the best posting lately ive ever read :) keep up the good work ^_^

Bliss said...

I was having a pretty bad day myself, all i did was complain and cry, and your post indeed was very inspirational. Thank you :)

that's me said...

you are making the difference and you inspire me, thanks!

(¯`•._.•[Raajii]•._.•´¯) said...

Aslam O Alaikum,

welcome to Islam. I hope you continue to be inspired :-).

I completely agree with you. This is something I have always striven to do. I wrote something similar recently:

Lilmarab said...

Assalamualikum sister,

This is my first comment on your blog, nice to know you.

This is a beutiful post you made regarding life. I like it. I also read the book and I believe people who has read this book would know how to control their emotions when we know Allah s.w.t is always with us. This book is a reminder to all. I love it alot and I'm touched and moved by this post.

Thank you for reminding us.


athoofa said...

I LOVED this post mashaAllah!!

Keep up your blogging. mashaAllah you ARE doing a great job, inshaAllah you are making a difference to people's life like Miss Dreamer said *wub*

May Allah Protect you, Guide you and reward you for all your efforts!

Love you for the Sake of Allah!

Texan in UAE said...

Lilmarb! welcome welcome welcome! I'm happy your here visiting. :) Please keep coming back!

Raajii- welcome welcome welcome! and I will read that, insha'a'Allah! come back and visit..

Texan in UAE said...

(((((( to all you sisters))))))) big hugs!!!!!!!!!

Zaiynab said...

mashaAllah, love it <3

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

Mashallah you always know how to inspire and uplift people and to make people feel good about being Muslim!!

Excellent post Mashallah.

Because life is beautiful.


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