Thursday, April 22, 2010

Just because...

mood: Happy the weekend is here. :)))) 
craving: spending time with family.  It's Thursday, the weekend.

Salam Alikom (Peace be with you)  to all my Muslim readers and Hello to all my non-Muslim readers. It's the beginning of the weekend. YAY! I pray that all of y'all have a blessed weekend. 

Just because I am a Muslim woman, doesn't mean I don't have feelings.
Just because I am married to an Arab man, doesn't mean I am oppressed.
Just because I am Muslim, doesn't mean I gave up my culture.
Just because I pray to Allah, doesn't mean I pray to a different God than the Jews or Christians.
Just because I am Muslim, doesn't mean I am a terrorist.

- Texan in UAE

Final whisperThis hadeeth was narrated by Muslim (145) from Abu Hurayrah who said: The Messenger of Allah (God) (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Islam began as something strange and will revert to being strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers.”


Forever Learning said...

I really love this post mashAllah !

Non-Crowned Princess said...

Loved it too. Bless you.

Sara said...

MashAllah amazing post! Thanks for representing :D

Oh yeah I almost forgot the weekend in the middle east is on Thursday and Friday-I love that!

MuslimFirst said...

Aww Sis - excellent and lovely post. Did someone change their theme/background? Hehe. I love it! This brought a smile on my face - even though I'm stressed and not feeling too well at the moment.

Yes, I love that hadith - not too many true strangers around, but may Allah (swt) make us one of them. Ameen.

Lots of love to ya Sis! <3

-Br. MF
PS 3-day 'weekend' for me, no class tomorrow, but lots to study.

Dr. N said...

You never failed to express my and everybody else's feelings. LOVE IT :)

Buttons and Ribbons said...

Salaaam, thanks for dropping by my blog, love you're cute banner. This post is really nice, love the "Islam is not the nemy picture". Also love the rainbow cakes in the previous post...they do look like paints!!

Amira said...

Mashallah lovely post.

crazyyetwise said...

God bless Texan people all over the world :*

Bliss said...

Well said mashallah :)

OmAbdullah said...

love it ! very well said mashaAllah !

Lilmarab said...

:D Salam sis,

Love the post. I support everything you said. Thank you for that.

Lilmarab @ Malaysia

Xenia said...

Jazakallahu khair, lovely post mashaAllah.

I hope you had a nice Jummah InshaAllah :)

heart/and/soul said...

Assalamualaikum sis...
mashaAllah I really love your new layout :) its really pretty.

that's me said...

hello sis sorry for not write all this days but my pc past away hehehehe, nice post as always you know what to say.

happy weekend to all and have a nice day!, I hope soon be back to my blog thanks for you messages love you!
kisses & hugs!!!!!!

Texan in UAE said...

Thanks everyone!

that's me, I've honestly missed you! hurry and come back.! I hope you're doing well.

Buttons and ribbons! welcome to my side of the world. I hope to see you again and again. :)))

Yep, changed my background. Clean and simple. :))

DrN. You're to kind. :)))

Because life is beautiful.


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