Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mom was right! Breakfast is the most important meal

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Morning brunch. It's comforting to know that a husband can still make his wife happy. May Allah (God) reward him for all his patienceLOVE, understanding and  generosity.. Ameen.

He surprised me and brought me brunch

  We eat very simple brunches in the house. On Fridays and Saturdays we have big ones. Some Arabic bread, Kiri cheese, jam  and chai haleeb (tea with milk, which they also call Karak).  You can see the tea in the picture below. It's amazingly delicious. I make some really good homemade bread, too.  Some of my friends back in Texas wanted to see how we eat breakfast here in the middle east. So, here you are. 

Breakfasts here compared to breakfasts in TEXAS are kinda different.  I do admit at least once a month I will cook up a GREAT Tex-Mex breakfast. It usually will consist of some meat,  Papas con huevos (eggs with potatoes), jalapeno Chili and re-fried beans. Oh. and you can't forget my homemade tortillas..

For the non-TEXANS, we usually eat the BIG breakfasts on Sunday. My dad or my husband would go right across the street from our house, and bring back some Barbacoa and corn tortilla's and big red soda with some salsa (hot sauce.) 

Some of the best places to eat in Texas are those hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurants where they know your whole family. All this talk about food is making me hungry. I'm drooling until I make my Tex-Mex breakfast again. 

Final whisper: I updated after all and got it over with... Until next time.. back to some family time. Everyone have a GREAT weekend!!! ours has started. <3 


Salma said...

Salam sis~ thanks so much for visiting me.

I loved reading this post. I will have to share my chronicles blog with you.

May Allah bless your family, what a lovely thing to read.


Firefox said...

Aw your hubby is sweet! :-) I want that! Breakfast is the best time to indulge since you can burn off calories the rest of the day.

Oh. I want to learn how how to make tex mex food!

P.S I love how your posts include photos of goodies. Keep it up lady. :-D

miss_dior said...

she was right ... i think also that the most important meal of the day!that sounds a little like continental breakfast...i love also tea with milk but i prefer it with nesquick!:D :D

lots of hugs!

Another-Penelope said...

bl3fyaaa dear ^_^ i love chaii 7leeb for breakfast !! :D

Twizzle said...

as-salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah,

MashaAllah your hubby brings you brunch :)

ohhhhhh the barbacoa sounds soooo good right nowwwwwwwwww!!!

ohhhh and remember the Tex-Mex breakfast you made me??? the corn tortillas with the eggs???? yummmm I want some of that!

Anonymous said...

We now have taco bell in the UAE, all we need is Chipotle and we will not need to learn how to make tex mex!

This is sweet! lol, you reminded me of our house.. We all eat breakfast at work, but on Friday, we have balaleet, eggs, 3 types of home made breads (Khameer, rigag, and the flat oily ones) and nakhy or bajilla.

just a note on this:

(tea with milk, which they also call Karak)

Milk and tea is just that, Karak, which means STRONG or FLAVORFUL in urdu is literally MASALA TEA, which is milk, tea, and a mix of spices indians use in their tea.

So not all milk and tea is KARAK, but all chai Karak is made with milk and tea.

I just got back from Dubai, and the BEST karak tea is in Dubai, and we hit it up for some right before we head back to Abu Dhabi! SO YUMMY!

As india is HUGE, different regions make different variations of it. When we want true Karak, we have the indian place infront of the house fill our flask! lol.

malizea said...

Mashallah what a sweet husband you have!! and your mummy is right breakfirst is breakfirst!!! I love your blog mashallah it brings me back to Abu dhabi miss there sooo much!!

Twizzle said...

ultra[blue]- Taco Bell is pathetic over here. I was disappointed the first time, then gave them a few months and tried them again and was disappointed yet again.

Chipotle--OHHHH YES!!! I LOOOOVE Chipotle!! you know, Chipotle started in my home state :)

oh, by the way, for a close 2nd to Chipotle, go to the food court downstairs in Dubai mall for "Baja Fresh Mexican Grill"--they are next to "Fat Burger"

Chipotle has better rice but its still yummy! though Texan in UAE woudn't like Chipotle's rice because there is cilantro in it and she doesn't like cilantro LOL (how can a Latina not like cilantro????? CRAZY I tell you!!)

Twizzle said...

oh, and in Abu Dhabi there is Cantina Loredo--Texan in UAE knows what is good there.

in Dubai there is also El Chico in JBR but they were really good the first time we ate there, but the next 2 times they weren't as good anymore... unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

omg thats so sweet of your husband. mine only brings surprise dinner (after i've already cooked..adfjodsif) LOL!


Anonymous said...

Taco Bell is pathetic over here.

Sorry, I strongly dissagree. If you thought the taco bell here was pathetic its because you had forgotten how pathetic it is ANYWHERE.

Tacobell after all is the final choice in texmex eats. Its what we used to eat when everything else was close in Arizona as it was open till like 4 am.

The taco bell here is EXACTLY like it was in Arizona. Cheap, crappy, and a guilty pleasure.

I have not tried the place in Dubai Mall, as we usually eat other places there, but FF and myself might give it a try tomorrow... IF we can remember how to get to the lower ground food court. The place is HUGE!

As for most of the other tex mex places in Abu Dhabi and Dubai... Seriously, I'd prefer to eat taco bell then them, if only to be spared the service. I have a short fuse, I have thrown plates, called the cops on, and RAN AFTER A WAITER WITH A KNIFE TILL THE BACK KITCHEN.

I prefer the 3 dirham tacos and no stupidity to the 50 dirham taco meal and stupidity.

So tomorrow, we look for LG FC and fat burger! Thanks for the tip! If its bad I will hold you PERSONALLY responsible, scan the bill, and expect a paypal refund!

Twizzle said...

"If you thought the taco bell here was pathetic its because you had forgotten how pathetic it is ANYWHERE."

I happen to LOVE taco bell in the US-and no I didn't forget--the main thing here anyways is they don't have my favorites on their menu here. Therefore its pathetic LOL

as for Dubai Mall, do you know where Sephora is? just go down from there and....hmmm dunno which direction to tell y'all to go, but just ask and someone will tell you.

like I said, its not Chipotle but a good 2nd to it LOL

oh, I know-- the lower ground food court is on the side of the mall that is next to the Dubai Fountain. You just have to be on the lower ground near where the fountain is--then you should see the sign where the food court is :)

"If its bad I will hold you PERSONALLY responsible, scan the bill, and expect a paypal refund!"


throwing plates and chasing a waiter with a knife??????? wow. thats... just... WOW. LOL

Dream It Up Cookies said...

Thanks for linking me, I love your blog too!

Texan in UAE said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Regarding Taco Bell. Honestly, I've been there only about three times in my life. If you ask anyone in TEXAS, they would probably look at you funny if you tell them that's tex-mex food. LOL To know TEX-MEX food, you have to come eat some on the border town of MExico, where I grew up, or in San Antonio.

Pico de gallo - Margarita's and Don Pedro's! The only set back to (I think) Don Pedro's, they use Lard in their food! :| So sad! You have to watch out for this (for us Muslims) or anyone who doesn't eat PORK!

Ya, even my husband who is Arab, knows what good TEX-MEX food is. He HATES Taco bell!!!! It's garbage! I just wanted to try it here in UAE, cause it reminds me of "TEXAS."

:D :D :D

If you haven't been to TEXAS, you can't talk about how good TEX-Mex food is. :D :D :D

Cantina Lardeo's brisket tacos are really good and come close to home. NOTE: I said, close!!!! anything else... NOPE!!!! and it's like 40 something dirhams! for 3 of those!!!! RIDICULOUS!!!!!

But, people pay for food that's from a place that's exotic and MEXICAN food sells!!!!!!!

One of my friends (from Italia) told me. YOU AMERICANS made Italian food bad to eat! what's pizza hut??? (she acted like she threw up) American Italian food is NOT FOOD and it's NOT ITALIAN! LOL she was very upset! LOOOOOL I tasted her food! and it's YUMMY! and now I know why she was upset!!!! the real Italian food, doesn't taste anything like, American Italian!!!! *I still love American Italian* I would be lying! LOL

When we were in Berlin! we found a Mexican place to eat! *I threw up* Not really! But, almost!!!! OMG - they were so busy! and had so much business! the food was horrible!! just horrible!!!!! So, anyone can make a place with exotic food! anywhere! and it will still sell!!!!! I need to bring a Mexican TEX-MEX place here!!!! and when I say, TEX-MEX, it's not the typical (Mexican) It's different! even someone from MEXICO will tell you this!

FireFox! mi casa es su casa!!!!

Texan in UAE said...

Salma, welcome and please come back.. :D

Malizea, Masha'a'Allah! you lived here? WElcome back, anytime. I love your little blog, too. :) :) :)

MiMi, LOL typical of a man. huh? LOL cute!

Dream up cookies, anything to help a sister out!!! love your site! and would love some cookies you make! you would be a hit, here!!!!

Penelope, come drink some with us.. <3

Miss_dior! where are you??? miss you on my blog and MSU! (((hugs)))

Twizzle, OooO I remember when you came and I threw that big TEX-MEX breaky together! it was really good! is that when I got sick ? LOOOOOOOL

Ultra, your scary.. Running after a waiter with a knife? :O You can't talk about TEX-MEX, until you've eaten in a real, TEX-MEx state. Maybe someday I'll open my own place, here in UAE!

Taco bell isn't tex-mex! it's gross! LOL sorry Tosh! Real latino's don't eat it! we like , love the hole in the wall places!!! where the chiefs are actually the owners!!!!! who does it better!!!

Don marcelino's Del Rio, TEXAS!!! *mouth watering*

Funny enough! I am cooking our Friday lunch, as I type and making ARABIC food! Chicken Briyani! HA HA HA The smell kinda is like! TEX-MEX! But, not exactly the same! cooking for many people today! Insha'a'Allah it comes out good!

Have a happy Jummah!!!!! everyone!

Miss Dreamer said...

Sounds like such a mouth-watering breakfast! I am a fan of yummy breakfasts and I think it is a meal to indulge in! I love going out for breakfast on weekends, but I always end up deciding to let is slip and sleep some more LOL

When I come over to the UAE we will make sure we have a blasting breakfast, yaaaaaaaaaay.

Love you

Twizzle said...

"Taco bell isn't tex-mex! it's gross! LOL sorry Tosh!"

I know taco bell isn't tex mex LOL

nope not gross. Its yummy LOL but of course hole in the wall family places are better...

but remember in Colorado its kind of like a combo of Mexican, Tex-Mex and Southwest..... AND you can ask the restaurants if they cook with pork but you also have to specify if they cook with lard--because most people will forget that lard is pork. And too many places in Colorado cook with lard.

"Real latino's don't eat it!"

ohhh but your wrong. all the Latinos in Colorado eat Taco Bell LOOOOOL!!! Go to a Taco Bell on Federal Boulevard... what will you see???? its full of Mexicans n Chicanos!!!

ahhhh I want a Taco bell 7-layer burrito!!!!!!!!!

Texan in UAE said...

Miss Dreamer. Honestly, I've been saying for months, since Micky dee's starting serving breaky, I am going. But, I have a feeling, they aren't good. :| Yes, can't wait until you come and visit, so we can indulge and you can taste some of my TEX-MEX breaky. <3 love you too, hon and hugs! Gonna reply to your email, as soon as I get the lunch done and back from lunch. <3 be wating.

Tosh, Aren't you supposed to be at Saimah's? Or... LOL Well, that's in Colorado! and Yes, I know their Mexican's from Mexico. But, that's just it, their from Mexico. I am talking about, TEX-MEX, Mexican's. Like myself. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL NO Taco bell for us. That one time we did end up getting it, on new years eve, I didn't like it! at all. YUCK! Come here and I'll whip up a good one for you.. *promise* hint hint!

Twizzle said...

Saimah didn't answer LOL

mmmmm yeah, I suppose we could make our own by opening up a can of Old El Paso pinto beans and Old El Paso taco sauce and sour cream lettuce... and everything else.

oh... wait. Old El Paso canned stuff is a bit similar to Taco Bell girrrrrrrrrrrrl!!!!

mmmm I want some Old El Paso pinto beans and those deep flash-fried Old El Paso corn tortillas--remember??? :D

allll evil I am!

I can't wait till my sister sends a bag of dried pinto beans to make 'em homemade!!

I just told my husband you and I are arguing about Taco Bell and he goes "you guys are pathetic, you are either talking about food, or cooking, or eating it"


Texan in UAE said...

On the contrary, my dear Twizzle. You can't compare "when I use that old elpaso stuff" to , taco bell? CAn you? I slap you when I see you.

hey! I seen some dried pinto beans at spinny's one time! I didn't get them. Why? I don't know... Hmm.

Yes, the corn tortilla's breaky is always good. I haven't had it since I made it for you. The Tex-Mex breaky's are always so high in calories. I try tod stay away... far away.. It's always good to have them at least, once a month. I can indulge a tiny bit!

Hey! we can go to Saimah's together! next week! insha'a'Allah! that would be great!

Guest post, guest post! yaAllah! I am waiting.. HOw fun! LOL

Twizzle said...

You can't compare "when I use that old elpaso stuff" to , taco bell?

mmm ok, so its what you do with it that makes it good LOL... but really, heat up a can of Old El Paso beans and add some cheddar cheese, wrap it in a tortilla with some sour cream and you have Taco Bell's Bean Burrito Supreme right there!! LOL

ohhhh how could you not have bought the pinto beans from Spinney's???? I will slap you silly for that!! go check if they have them next time jajaja!!

Texan in UAE said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL Ya, your right with the old elpaso sauce and the beans!!!! I have a better way to make it! I'll tell you the secret! next time.

I should of brought the dried beans! `hey! they still might have'em. I'll check next time. I have to go back this week to get so stuff. I'll buy for you, if they have'em.

Hey, you still didn't say, we can meet at saimah's, I can't go to Dubai and not see you. LOL

I need to go check the food! call me later!!! after Magrib!!! Guest post guest post! and send it to my email!!!! yaAllah! I am excited!!! beets? LOL

Noor said...

Asalam Alaykum, I have always wanted to make a Mexican breakfast.. YUMMY

Elena Faletova said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ultra[smurf] said...

Is smurfberries on your breakfast?

Twizzle said...

Noor-"I have always wanted to make a Mexican breakfast.. YUMMY"

Oh no!! don't do it unless you want to become "a really old redhead with freckles and obese"

*evil laugh* :D

remember that???? :P

Texan Teen said...

hahahahah I looveee this stuff for breakkyyyyy

hilarious convo btwww~!

Firefox said...

Twizzle! Thank you for the suggestion. :-)

Ultrablue and I had lunch there today. It was really good! I was surprised because I've tried burritos elsewhere and they always taste so bland. The chicken and beef are always of horrible quality.

I will definitely be back there again. Ultrablue never touches my food and he actually ate off my plate so he must have really liked it.

Yay for having another place I can have my burritos at besides Taco Bell!

Texan in UAE said...

FireFox! I have gotta try that place now. :) :) :) I am so happy y'all liked it!!!! *YAY* You gotta come try my cooking! and fast! (((Hugs))))

SKITTLES said...

Ok, you've got to stop posting pictures of yummy food! ;D

Twizzle said...

Firefox--phew!! I am so happy y'all liked it!! I was all worried he was going to come chase me down with a Baja Mexican Grill plastic knife for a paypal refund!!

I still want Chipotle to come over here though :)

he he Texan in UAE look!!! Firefox = another Taco Smell fan!! all Texan in UAE is going 'yuck' right now!

anyhow, ohhh Firefox girrrl, you would loooove Texan in UAE's food... her enchiladas are yummy!! made with her HOMEMADE chili is out of this world! no canned chili please!!

nosa said...

i luv breakfats but never really have time 4 it...

sweet of ur hubby

n i luv ur new loook :D sooo fresh n summry

Firefox said...

Twizzle LOL. Yeah he told me about paypal! Naah he even said he wanted to eat from the same place for dinner after we had lunch there so don't worry. He isn't always the easiest man to please ;-) and he was pleased so be proud of yourself! :-P

Texan, you must try it out!

suusuu9_9 said...

assalaam alyikum,

maashaallah, your blog is cute<3

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Salam! Oh please share a tex-mex recipe with us! I'd love to try it =D

Noor said...

HAHAHAHAH I thought I already was one :( boooo

annfrendly said...

Tortila.. i love it..
so delicious..

OmAbdullah said...

LOL @ everyone discussing tacobell .... as I puke a little thinking about it :))

Lets do breaky??? Commmoooonnnn! or brunch! I should whip to your house one morning this week and wake you up :)) 830 sound good? :)) :))

Standy said...

so again, when am i invited to your super tex-mex breakfast? =p

Anonymous said...

You certainly have a very cool husband ( mashallah!) . I hope that my husband would bother with making me breakfast when I get married someday. ;p

And chai haleeb is so delicious! It's one of my favorite morning drinks ;p

Because life is beautiful.


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