Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Silly Tuesday post its..

mood: ice creamy
craving: ice cream :|

Salam Alikom (Peace be with you)  to all my Muslim readers and Hola to all my non-Muslim readers.  I pray that everyone is having a wonderful day. oxoxo's Here's (silly Tuesday's post.) Enjoy! 



Final whisper:



Texan Teen said...

cute post mamasita (:
i love our outings too!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Texan :)

You're the best :D

Wafa' said...

very original and cute .

Take care :)

MuslimFirst said...

Awww Sis Texan - what a wonderful and yes, cute post. Each bubbly post from you is a like a little extra sunshine on that day. Thank you so much for the reminder of to never give up. I really needed that today.
Yeah, I miss hearing from Sr. Twizzle - where'd she go? :-)
I am sure I speak for all that we feel lucky to have you in some degree in our lives sis (for those of us who don't know you personally). Again, always wishing you all the best, continued happiness and blessings in life. May this warmth and love always emanate from you for all your years. Ameen.

Br. MF

Umm Afraz said...

Wa Alaikumussalaam wa Rahmathullahi wa Barakaathuhu.

Dear Texan,

Love your silly milly Tuesday post..so original and unique! love ya!



heart/and/soul said...

Im in love with post-its' too!!! I have them stuck all over my room :) :)

Amina said...

Dear Texan,
I loved this post. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face :)

Sara said...

Awww I love this post! So cute and definitely cheered me up :D

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

What an absolutely beautiful post :-) was so hot and bothered and ill today but you stil made me smile loved talking to you yesterday inshallah ill catch you soon this time longer ,with much love your sis in islam naz xx

White Freedom said...

very nice post my dear i like it
♥ ..◕‿◕.. ♥
your simple words is in my heart now

all the best for you

Esell said...

Dear Texan,

I just love, love, loveeeeeeeeeee this post. Did anyone ever tell you that you are one of the best blogger on the internet?? If not, then know it now , mashaAllah mashaAllah :D
Keep it up, I am back to be regular ;) missed your blog.
love you

Firefox said...

Adorable notes! :-)
Love your positivity.

Mustika Sari Sayuti said...

I love the final whisper :)
thank you for these inspirational words sis :)

OmAbdullah said...

So original
So you

love you loads chickadee! and call me now would you? hahahaha

Miss Dreamer said...

Dear Texan,

I agree, this is so original and so looks like you! I was overwhelmed by your little cute not for me!

Dear Texan,

You are a great person and I love you too. I am the lucky one.


Miss MishMish said...

MashaAllah, I loved this post! :)

UmmKhaled said...

Awww Texie I am touched! And now for the "count" we have been on the phone until Fajr for the last 3 night and it is soo fun! And there is one point we start to get real silly cause it is late..and we are laughing like crazy. Last night was our late nostalgia night...miss you!

Love Kasey

Texan in UAE said...

Awww, Thanks everyone. ((((Hugs))))))) I seem to love this post it's, post too. It's the start of the weekend and I have a tiny post coming y'all's way.. INsha'a'Allah. Have a wonderful, blessed weekend, everyone. ((((((((hugs)))))))))))))) let me see if I have time for the post.

Kasey (Um Khaled) LOL Your a nut. I woke my hubby up for fajer( these last 3 nights) the alarm usually does that for us. He was like, YOu've been up all this time???? HA HA HA We aren't used to this, I always go to bed when he does, 98% of the time (unless our little one decides to stay up) LOL

The only reason I've been staying up with you, because your hubby was outta the country, and your scared. (right, emily) hahaha I would want you to do the same with me. I love you. Yallah, come and visit again, it was a blast last time.

((((((((Love the nostalgic night)))))))))))))) let's have more. it was my favorite (((((((( hugs)))))))))))

BubbliMuslima said...

that was so sweet! :]

Because life is beautiful.


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