Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our world

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craving: to visit my sister in law... 

Salam Alikom (Peace be with you)  to all my Muslim readers and Hola to all my non-Muslim readers

How many of you know about the different cultures around the world? Something to ponder on. There is so much ignorance in this world when all it takes is to learning about different cultures, religions and countries. It all starts with YOU. 

final whisper: Pick up a book or browse on the net and read. The old forgotten habit.


Sarira said...

OMG, texan, did you read my post on monday? It was about this!

Anyways, I'm angry at you!

Where's Tuesday's silly post its??


All sad.


Susanne said...

Great idea! I love learning about others and their cultures. Your posts are always so sweet!

Lilmarab said...

Salam sis,

I agree with you... Yeap, take a time out and look around. I'll do the same as well.

<3 Lilmarab @ hasnur

OmAbdullah said...

God I use to be like that! Yearssss back .. we were taught NOTHING in school other than canadian and american history. SubhanaAllah, they want you to live in ignorance. If they didn't, we would learn about the whole world like they do here in UAE.

The biggest talkers and the ones who argue the most concerning islam and the middle east in general, are the most ignorant.

Please people don't talk of something you know nothing about. Read and learn and then I welcome you to come and speak your mind.

Radeyah راضية said...

MashAllah that is so true, I personally Love learning about different cultures around the world; it actually gives you a better understanding of people when you know where they come from :)

Oh I know you added my pin but my mum got rid of that BB so I have a new one is: 21e153c5 :)

Salaam Aleik xx

Xenia said...

Asalamu Alaykum. This is a wonderful reminder. Knowledge diminishes fear. The more we learn about each other, the more we will value and respect each other. Jazakallh. :)

oldie goldie said...

thanks! a great reminder!

Anonymous said...

totally agree with you! it starts with the person him/her self!!! Ignorance is why the world in such mess and we shall educate ourselves in order to make things right :)

God bless ur soul

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Salam =) You are right. In contrast to what most people say it is actually a huge world out there. There's so much to explore and learn, yet so little time.

One could start by getting to know a neighbour who's from a different country!

Beyond Me said...

It's a pretty interesting area . It opens our minds to others' lives and so different worlds as well .

Thanks for the reminder Texan :)

ultra[blue] said...

Not forgotten, just not "cool."

As a guy in my 20s Im actually RIDICULED by my friends for my apparent "lack of social skills" because that is the only reason someone my age would have a "library."

I still get crap for my poetry. Sad but true. Its cooler to waste time at a cafe doing NOTHING instead of reading a book.

Allah Kareem.

Hijabis On Ranting Tour. said...

i Miss you :)

Because life is beautiful.


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