Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What exactly do MUSLIMS believe in?

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Salam Alikom (Peace be with you)  to all my Muslim readers and Hello to all my non-Muslim readers. It's the beginning of the weekend. It didn't come fast enough. ;) May God bless y'all always. Have a wonderful weekend. 

I posted this when I first started to blog. Re-posting it now, because I know more people are now reading my blog. I would love feed back to what y'all think. Where are all you non-Muslim readers? Don't stay quiet, give us some feed back. Promise, we (Muslims) don't bite. Thoughts, please. 

When I was a Catholic, before I became Muslim, I always was told to believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) died for our sins. I really struggled with the fact and thought to myself, "How in the world does a man die for our sins? A man they call GOD." Don't get me wrong; he's a great man sent down by God to teach all mankind to believe in GOD. And he's just that: a man.

I always wondered about it. It wasn't until I was older and realized I only believe in ONE GOD! That lead me to believing in Islam. The last religion that was sent down to our beloved Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessing be upon him). It was sent down by Allah (God). For those of you who tell us "Allah" is a different God, it's not true. Dios, Gott, Dieu, Dio, Бог, Deus! They all mean the same thing -> God. So it makes sense. Even Christian Arabs say Allah.

... We as Muslims believe in ONE GOD and one God only. In addition to that, we believe that the Last Prophet, Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) was sent down by Allah to relay the true message to ALL mankind.

We believe in and worship ONE GOD and associate NO others with Him.
We believe in our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)
We believe in Angels, Jinn and everything else Allah (God) has created
We believe in the Last Day (Judgment Day)

We offer five daily prayers that are obligatory in the religion of Islam.
We offer Zakat (Charity/Alms) to the poor and needy
We MUST perform Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) at least once in a life time, if we have the money and means to do so.

We do not press our religion on anyone, we merely want people to understand what Islam is and not associate it as: Muslim->Arab->Terrorist. Islam is a religion of peace, it was made perfect. It is only people who make it hard.

Written by: Me; Texan, after UAE

Final whisper: The Arabic word "Islam" simply means, "Submission". and derives from a word meaning, "Peace". In a religious context it means complet submission  to the will of God. 

How many of y'all knew that? :) 


Salma's Visual Notes said...

I knew that, lol.
I am happy to be a Muslimah...I was exactly where you were before (Catholic).

Salam alaikum.

Tareq S. said...

Good evening, Texan.. I liked ur blog and ur post too.. Thank 4 expressing the meaning of Islam bcoz so many ppl still do not know what Islam is, unfortunately.. U r right , we, pl are the ones who misunderstand it..

Texan, after UAE said...

Salma :) thanks for passing by. :) Always nice to see you here.

Welcome, Tareq

I'm happy you liked my entry. I try hard to get our religion across to people in the most gentle way. :) :) But, you know our religion will always be misunderstood. : / Sad, but true. hope to see you here more. Happy blogging.

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I hope ppl embrace the deep rational meanings of this entry
I thank you.


Umm Qahtan said...

As salam alaikum sis.

mashaAllah an inspirational read..if i had read this a yr ago i wouldnt have understood it as well as i do today, its definitly the hardship i have faced and learning what sabr is after loosing custody of my lil boy that i now understand better.

Allah tests those who He loves & the sooner we say alhamdulillah instead of crying the better it is for us.

Love u sis for His sake.
hugs and kisses...hoping ur doing good. talk soon. xx

Because life is beautiful.


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