Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another random dose of the Muslim Texan..

mood:  thrilled ❤ ❤ ❤
craving: chocolate  ice-cream and a walk on the river walk

The weekend is near and it can't come any faster. My daughter will spend Memorial Day weekend with her father so  it's just Azooz and I. We do have a busy weekend, I'm excited.  One of my close friends is leaving back to Saudi Arabia in nine more days. So, this weekend will be a must to spend some time with her and other sisters. There's a henna party on Friday, so Azooz and I will be attending.  On Saturday one of my friends is coming down to Texas to visit me.  Saturday through  Monday will be busy. I have my weekend planned out. Inshallah (God's willing) we will have a nice Memorial Day weekend. I'll miss my daughter; when she's gone it's not the same.

In other news: my dad is doing good. I'm cooking healthy food for all of us and it's really paying off. He has lost a lot of weight and feels really good. I don't buy processed food anymore and bake everything. Healthy feels good.
I'm listening to some, 'Smooth Jazz' now and relaxing with one of my closest friends. She came for dinner and now she's reading a book and I'm finishing off this entry. It's nice to have the kind of friend you don't have to entertain. Y'all are like sisters and if your quiet for 2 hours you don't feel akward. That's the type of friends I have. 

The house smells like I baked a rich vanilla cake. Thanks Bath & Body works. Their oils are amazing. Azooz is playing on the trampoline outside with his sister. It's getting really hot here in Texas. I feel like drinking an Iced Espresso. That sounds good.

Mosha- our cat- is keeping us entertained. She's interested in trying to get at our beta fish, Mo. Kinda keeping a eye on her so Mo isn't her dinner.


Azooz came in the house the other day and said, 'Mama, this is for you." Aww, he's so precious. He handed me a leaf. Kids sure do grow up fast and he's doing just that. I wish I could hold him in my arms forever. I think that's every mom's dream. Amber got me some beautiful pink roses the other day. When she gave them to me, I saw the look in her eyes. She just hugged me and told me, she loves me and I'm the best mother ever.   My kids are my life and my life revolves around them. I wouldn't have it any other way. I couldn't imagine living a day without the two of them.

 Mashallah, my little boy. Abdul Aziz عبد العزيز‎

Hmm, what else. Well, as y'all can see, my life is going on still. Just taking life as it comes. Believe it or not, it's getting so much better than I ever thought. I'm finally adjusting to my America.   Well, that's about it. I've run out of things to say.  Have a nice Memorial Day weekend everyone. And to my friends in the Middle east: have a great rest of the weekend, since y'alls weekend started today. 

final whisper: Yeah, I'm smiling . But, you're not the reason anymore. 


cookingvarieties said...

salam Lilia, welcome you as sisters in islam, am very happy for you and your family on this
alhamdulillah, looks like you are really enjoying life together with your family and friends,enjoyed myself reading and hope to revisit. do drop by at my blog,would love to hear your comment on my foodie- am from malaysia. have a nice day

Kitten said...

I love this post, and especially Azooz's picture. He's so adorable mashAllah :)

MarieHarmony said...

Lovely to read so positive words and news. Wishing you and your family a lovely week-end and enjoy a good time with your friends!
Take care

Bradly Jones said...

Did you take these pictures. may i say that they are amazing. and cute. Azooz looks great to. wishing you the best and a cool climate soon.

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Texan, after UAE said...

cookingvarieties, thanks for stopping by. <3
Have a wonderful weekend!

Kitten, habebeti thanks sis.. :) thanks for stopping by... Have a awesome weekend.

MarieHarmony, you have a wonderful weekend, too. <3 <3 thanks for stopping by...

Bradly, Yes i took these pictures myself. :) Thanks!!!! I wish there was some cool weather here. :) 'nuff said. I'll bake in the, TEXAS heat.. :D thanks for stopping by.. come back again. have a nice evening..

Haitham هيثم Al-Sheeshany الشيشاني said...

I hate cats
I hate fish
I hate flowers

(yep, that`s my comment) :P

May Allah protect abd al-aziz for you.
loooved the craving of the post :DD

Texan, after UAE said...

Haitham, bro! You made me laugh. But, good thing you like my son. hahahah AMEEN! to your dua!!!! and I think I'll do the 'craving' tonight!!!!! :) :) pictures, coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faisal Haji said...

I would keep a better eye on that cat. I have two and they are cunningly witty :D ...

Because life is beautiful.


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