Thursday, October 27, 2011

A sad day for my kids and I.

Forever treasured

mood: sad
craving: to pet my cat.

Salam alykom and hello to all my readers out there. I hope everyone is having and has had a great week, this week has been kinda hectic: my son has been sick and  he let our house cat outside and she ran away. Aside from a cat I had years back, Mosha was the top notch cat we've had. I just hope she comes home soon.

........I can't stop crying. My daughter just came home from school and she came in crying. I was shocked and asked her, "What's wrong?!" She said, "Mom, Mosha is dead. She's dead next to our house." I will miss you, Mosha. 

"I will always remember the cat who taught me that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Sometimes, just an hour is enough to touch your heart.”

"Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!"

"A meow massages the heart."

Sleep, my little one, sleep

final whisper: “Grief is so painfully real, regardless of its origin. The love of, and attachment to, an animal friend can equal that of human relationships. Likewise, the loss of an animal can be just as devastating.”

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Strange Quiet

mood: Nostalgic
craving: Italia

Salam Alykom and Hello to all my followers. Over the years, I recalled stories of my past to my daughter. Today, she is writing a post solely about a few memories that mean very much to me. By writing this blog post, she is helping me in more than one way. Her writing is fantastic; and she is writing through the voice of me. Enjoy!

Today I woke up to grey clouds hanging low in the sky and  rain tapping salutations to my roof. My house was strangely quiet- that kind of quiet that befalls a house when everyone is soundly sleeping. I lay in bed listening to my two kids breathing in and out, in and out.
from left to right; Michael Angelo 1971-1997- Arrelyo (Lucia's Husband) - Marrico

There is something about rain that brings about my thoughts of nostalgia. Of course, I frequently dwell on the spirits of the past, but today is an exceptionally nostalgic day. My mind is hopelessly trying to recall the finer details of dead memories. Laying in bed with the goose-down cover snugly embracing me, reminds me of laying in bed with my Italian girlfriends and smiling at the previous day's events.
Italy never seemed so far as it does today.

I remember, twenty years ago, being fascinated by the new neighbors on the block. Their handsome, dark hair and eyes even shone in the Texas heat. I was introduced to them and found out the inevitable: they were Italians, straight from that artistic country everyone wishes they could live in. Michael Angelo, Lucia, Ivana, Gian Luca- pronounced  (John Luca) Gian Luca is Ivana's boyfriend and now Husband and Marianna... those were the beautiful names of the ones I was closest with. We spoke, laughed and ate together. I was taught, little by little, one of the romantic languages. A few months into our friendship, I could speak un poco italiano.

Lucia's mom and dad. :)

We would dream about traveling to Italy together and strolling through the famous olive tree farms. And while we would dream, Lucia would be making homemade Italian food just for my American taste buds to enjoy.
"Kristina," she would tell me, "the pizza here is bad! It's too thick. It's not good."

As I was laying in bed, thinking about my Italian memories, I got a call from one of my good friends all the way in England. I told him the stories of my friends, and he responded with enthusiasm, saying we could try and get a hold of them again. I rose out of bed and walked over to my closet. Inside, I keep a box full of the more physical memories of my past in the form of pictures. Looking through everything, I found letters that I would receive from Italy.

I will forever remember the good times I had with them. And I have the rain to thank for this.

What do y'all think about my lovely daughter's artistic writing skills? If I do say so myself, she's pretty awesome... Thanks, Amber, for this awesome guest post.  I love you and am so proud of you. I wish I had all the pictures of us, but my Dad sent them all to me when we lived in the United Arab Emirates. Unfortunately I can't get them back.

My daughter is always asking about my past and I always have a nice story for her. I swear, I regret nothing from my past, it made me who I am today. Thanks, Past. Almost twenty years ago, I had some great friends from Italy. I had such great memories of them. We had a lot of fun and they taught me Italian .  I picked up fast since I know Spanish and the rest is history.  I await our next meeting. Someday.  One of them in particular was my next door neighbor. His name was Michael Angelo. Yeah, really, that was his name. He was fun and very down to earth. He was stationed at Laughlin Air Force Base for his flight training, along with all his buddies. He in turn introduced me to one of his best friend's girlfriend, Lucia. Lucia had the biggest green eyes and darkest black hair I've ever seen. She was a beauty. 
I'm sure she still is. 

I await our next meeting. It might be sooner than I think. :) 

final whisper: This is dedicated to Michael Angelo. In 1997 Lucia wrote me and told me the bad news. Michael Angelo's star fighter air plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. He died on impact  doing what he loved most- flying. I still remember your voice, Mickey. I will never in all my life forget your funny ways. You are missed and will forever be. 


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Things that make me feel beautiful. :)

mood: happy
craving: tonight

A great big Salam Alykom and Hello to all my readers out there. I know I've really been neglecting my blog, so this entry will make all the gals (maybe some guys) smile. I hope everyone is in good faith and health. I just don't really have no time to be on the net these days. On to my entry. :) 

There's something about spoiling yourself with beauty products that just make your day. I admit my daughter and I just love to shop. That necessarily doesn't mean, every time we go out, we buy something. But, just going to the shopping center and being surrounded by nice stuff makes us smile and I have an excuse to act like a teenage girl with my daughter. So much fun. These are products that I have and love. Honestly, I'm the queen of trying different stuff out. These products that I have purchased are awesome, and I have tried so many though out the years. I think I'll just stick with these, unless I accidentally find another that is better. I'm done searching and some of these I have used for over ten years. So, take a look at what sits on my bedroom dresser crying out for my usage. Happy shopping everyone.

Beauty doesn't come from the looks, It comes from the heart. We are beautiful in different ways.

Feel beautiful so you can look beautiful.

The first product (upper left hand corner) is  amazing

ESSENTIAL SHEA TAME AND STYLE POT DE CRÈME. I'm telling y'all, I have tried several PRODUCTS though out the years and this by far (for now) the best. It's a little pricey, but so worth it. I am the type to also try the stuff from wal-mart and other places that are AFFORDABLE. However, I will pay extra for beautiful, soft manageable hair. It conditions and doesn't feel heavy or greasy. For girls with un-ruly curly hair. This product is for you. 

Upper right hand (perfume). Everyone who knows me, knows that I can't go with out my perfumes. I just can't imagine life without them. I have the best and I think honestly I could go a little over board when it comes to perfumes. But, hey, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm a total perfume guru. This recent gift I got is AMAZING, just simply amazing. This should be called "Sexy oud" because it is amazing. When I smelled this love in a bottle, I literally went weak at the knees. BRAVO! for creating such a warm and sensual fragrance that not only respects and has composed the oud in a way that elevates its intensity and animalistic qualities, keeping it earthy and very natural. Kudos to Miss Trish... Keep the amazing sensual scents coming our way. P.S. It's a little harsh on the pocket book. After this gift was given to me,  I priced it: $200.00 bucks. 

Lower left hand corner. Aveda has got to be my all time favorite product; I've been using it for over ten years. It leaves your curls soft and manageable and has such a great smell. A plus to the people out there who are watching the earth's environment. They are friendly with the earth. A million stars for this product. Get it together with the Fekkai cream, you all won't be disappointed. I promise. Very affordable. $25.00

Left bottom corner. Trish is getting a lot of recognition these days, from her sexy perfumes to her sensual creams. I can't get enough of this. This is such a pretty, feminine fragrance in cream form - it is so girly, but definitely NOT for little girls, if that makes any sense! The blackberry and white rose notes are flirty and young, but with the musk and vanilla, it has a sensuality at its heart too, that gives it depth of character that puts this perfume head and shoulders above pretty much every other "fruity floral" fragrances out there. Perfect for a woman of any age! Much better than its next closest imitator, Philosophy's Falling in Love. This is much more deep and complex, sort of like a young Victoria's secret. 

Upper left hand corner; Now, I just discovered Estee Lauder face creams and I just love them. With in the first five days, you can tell the difference in your face. It glows and only keeps getting better. Go to the nearest department store that sells these products and make sure and get the one that's good for your skin type. You won't be sorry. :) Ya, a little bit pricey, but so worth it. It last long and you'll be buying it at least twice a year. 

Right top hand side; Y'all will be happy to know that this foot cream is one of the best I've ever used and that the price is even better. I pay five dollars for a big tub of this. It works on the first application. You will notice your feet will be softer and look like the feet of a new born baby. So, go to your local wal-mart and purchase this . $5 bucks

We all love MAC and I know I just love to play with the vibrant colors they have. These two lip sticks are amazing. Something you should know about Mac, the colors stay even after you eat. The pink is very deep and the light one is sheer but gives you that color that we gals need when we're on the go. I'm in a hurry now, but will be back with the color names. 

Happy shopping everyone. My kids are ready to take me on an adventure today. Yep, we are going shopping. :) 

final whisper: Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.
Because life is beautiful.


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